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Can Cabrera repeat Triple Crown? No player has ever come close

The fact that Miguel Cabrera has made it a conversation point is quite an accomplishment in itself.

No player has ever repeated a Triple Crown in the history of the game. Cabrera is leading in two of the categories in the AL in 2013 — RBI (114) and batting average. The Detroit Tigers star is hitting a career-best .360 after Wednesday’s victory over the Chicago White Sox. He hit his 38th home run, a three-shot. He’s 30 points ahead of Mike Trout in batting average, but six home runs behind the Orioles’ Chris Davis (44) in home runs.

Just leading in two categories is historic — no player coming off a Triple Crown has ever done it. A look back at the Triple Crown winners and how they fared a year later in history:

  • 1968: Carl Yastrzemski, led in batting average
  • 1967: Frank Robinson, did not lead in any category
  • 1948: Ted Williams, led in batting average
  • 1943: Ted Williams, did not play, World War II
  • 1958: Mickey Mantle, did not lead in any category
  • 1938: Joe Medwick, led in RBIs
  • 1935: Lou Gehrig, did not lead in any category
  • 1934: Jimmie Foxx, did not lead in any category
  • 1934: Chuck Klein, did not lead in any category
  • 1926: Rogers Hornsby, did not lead in any category
  • 1923: Rogers Hornsby, led in batting average
  • 1910: Ty Cobb, led in batting average
  • 1902: Napoleon Lajoie, led in batting average
  • 1888: Tip O’Neill, led in batting average
  • 1879: Paul Hines, led in batting average

It’s interesting that no player coming off a Triple Crown ever led the league in home runs a year later, and only Medwick led in RBIs.

If Chris Davis goes cold down the stretch, history is certainly within reach.

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