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Can Metta World Peace Become a Hall of Famer?

Metta World PeaceIf Metta World Peace retired today, not many people would consider him a future NBA hall of famer. Then again, not many people may know much about his career as a basketball player.

The man formally known as Ron Artest has already put up some statistics that warrant hall of fame consideration. During his career he has recorded over 12,000 points, 4,000 rebounds, 2,500 assists, 1,500 steals, 1,000 three-pointers and 400 blocks. Plus, he already has an NBA championship and he won the NBA defensive player of the year award in 2004.

Although he certainly deserves to be on a hall of fame ballot someday, I wouldn’t vote for him quite yet. But if he somehow powers the New York Knicks to an NBA championship, I’d be forced to give him strong consideration.

The Knicks’ roster for the 2013-14 NBA season looks nearly identical to last season’s roster that lost in the second round of the playoffs. If they reach the NBA Finals, it will be in large part due the addition of World Peace.

Do you think Metta World Peace will get inducted into the Hall of Fame someday?

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