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Screen Time in School, and at Home, and at Friends’ Houses, and in the Car…

We knew it was coming. In this day and age, it was inevitable. My kids’ elementary school has now extended internet access to all students, and they are allowing the kids to bring in various technological devices to be used at school. My oldes…

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Get Tickets for Million Second Quiz

NBC’s cool new trivia show The Million Second Quiz premieres on September 9th, and if you want to be part of the action over the course of the event you can now order audience tickets. Premiere night is already sold out, but there are plenty o…

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Which Big Brother Jury Member Do You Want to Return to the Game?

On Thursday night we’re in for another Big Brother 15 twist as one of the jury members will return to the game. A competition will be held to determine which one of the four will be coming back. This type of twist has been done before, but n…

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Dr. Oz Leaps to Aid of Woman Struck by Taxi

Not more than a week or so ago, talk show host Stephen Colbert did a story on celebrities leaping into action to save people’s lives. Celebrities like Kate Winslet, who carried billionaire Richard Branson’s mother out of a burning house, and John Malkovich, who helped save a man who slashed his neck on scaffolding.

That story ended with Matt Damon saving Colbert’s life after a vending machine fell on top of him. It was a clever spoof that twisted into an unexpected interview.

But for Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show,  the hero act was no joke on Tuesday. The daytime talk show host leapt into action after a man and woman were struck by a taxi cab in New York City. The taxi jumped a curb and the driver accidentally hit the gas.

According to report, Dr. Oz heard the crash from his office and rushed down to the street to help. First responders were already on the scene treating the woman, according to Dr. Oz’s reps.

But other reports say the cab severed a British tourist’s foot at the ankle. Good Samaritans stopped the bleeding with a belt tourniquet and retrieved her foot. A food vendor stored the foot in a cooler.

As one Good Samaritan, David Justino, was applying the tourniquet, someone tapped him on the shoulder. “I was a little bit angry. I said, ‘I’m waiting for a doctor.’ He said, ‘I’m Dr. Oz,’” Justino told Los Angeles Times reporter Tina Susman.

Dr. Oz gave credit to the Samaritans, saying their fast action saved the woman’s life.



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Oprah Relives Famous Moment, Gives Away a Car on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Who hasn’t walked around the office in the last few years without pointing to their co-workers and calling out, in good fun, “You get a car! You get a car!”

No one, right? That’s how ingrained Oprah Winfrey’s 2004 episode of The Oprah Winfrey…

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‘Top Model’ Guys and Girls Makeovers

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 20 Guys and Girls Models

Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model is must-see-TV, as it features one of the most anticipated episodes of the season: the makeovers.

Every cycle, ANTM contestants are given Tyra Banks approved makeovers. As soon as the hairdressers arrive the drama begins. Usually one girl refuses to cut her hair or accept the suggested styling. Others can’t stop crying about their new looks.

This year offers a new twist because Cycle 20 (Guys and Girls edition) pits men and women against each other in the model competition.

So how will the guys respond to their makeovers?

The makeovers are often a pivotal moment on Top Model and many girls have been given their walking papers because of how they responded to their new looks.

In particular, models have reacted poorly when their long hair gets chopped off. Even though they should see it as a compliment. Tyra always saves the most drastic cuts (i.e. shaved bald) for models with the fiercest features.

My advice–including to “accept your makeover with grace”–in How to Become America’s Next Top Model still holds true even though it was written with the traditional female models in mind.

Spoiler Alert. If you want to get a sneak peak at the makeovers, check out these before and after photos of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 finalists.

Photo © CW.


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‘Top Model’ Guys Raise Ratings

America's Next Top Model logoSo far, it looks like America’s Next Top Model is on the right track with it’s new cycle, the Guys and Girls Edition.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the two-hour 20th cycle premiere had 1.6 million viewers, the reality show’s best season premiere ratings since 2011. It even gave the CW its best Friday numbers in more than a year.

This season’s war of the sexes is just the latest attempt to revive Top Model‘s ratings.  Cycle 19′s “College Edition,” represented a complete overhaul of the modeling competition following the firing of three longtime cast members.

Top Model has positioned the inclusion of male models as an opportunity to “explore” the impact of gender on the modeling experience. But so far it seems more a chance to photographs half naked men.

Not that I’m complaining.

America’s Next Top Model airs Fridays on CW at 9/8 Central.

Photo © CW


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Fallon Shares Fertility Struggles; Explains Inspiration for Daughter’s Name

There was just a little bit of a buzz when Jimmy Fallon revealed late last week that he and Nancy Juvonen, his wife, used a surrogate to carry their brand new baby girl to term. The reason why? A long, hard go at trying to get pregnant natural…

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Teen Mom logo

‘Teen Mom 3′–Can it Live up to ‘Teen Mom’?

Teen Mom logo

Can Teen Mom 3 live up to MTV’s original Teen Mom?

Fans will soon have a chance to find out.

August 26th, a year after the original Teen Mom cast (Catelynn, Farrah, Maci and Amber) said goodbye forever; MTV is launching Teen Mom 3.

It will feature four new teenage mothers–Alex, Mackenzie, Briana and Katie–who previously appeared in 16 and Pregnant Season Four.

Like the original (and Teen Mom 2) this latest installment in the Teen Mom franchise will follow the mothers, their children and baby daddies as they face the harsh realities of teen parenting.

While this new cast may face the same struggles and deal with similar issues–including substance abuse, domestic violence, child endangerment– the new series is unlikely to gain the viewership or cultural relevance of the original.

Like most hit shows, Teen Mom premiered at the right time, and introduced America to a unique set of teen parents. Sure fans like me tuned in for the fruedenshade of watching Amber unravel or root for Farrah to finish culinary school–but Catelynn was the true heart of the series.

And without a Catelynn on the cast, Teen Mom 3 has little chance of living up to the original.

Level headed Catelynn, and her equally even-tempered boyfriend Tyler made the difficult decision to give their daughter up for adoption. (Although continued to play a role in her life.)

That decision was probably the number one reason the couple beat the odds and stayed together. Catelyn and Tyler became a couple beloved by millions of fans. We rooted for them and their success provided balance to the other–often more disappointing lives of the other Teen Mom parents.

They also single-handedly educated thousands about the advantages of open adoption.

For those reasons and more, I may tune in to Teen Mom 3 but I don’t expect to be as engaged as I was with the original.

Teen Mom 3 premiers Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 10/9PM Central. But you can check out the sneak preview below and learn more the stars of Teen Mom 3 here.

Photo © MTV


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Joy Behar Says Goodbye to ‘The View’

Friday is Joy Behar’s last day on The View. The comedian and co-host will make her exit amid good tidings, highlights from her 16 years on the show and a joke or two (or three).

Save for creator Barbara Walters, Behar’s departure marks the la…

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