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Von Miller

Top 10 NFL Suspensions in History

It looks like Denver pass-rushing ace Von Miller is going to be suspended, according to media reports.

Let’s see, that would make No. 14 this year. So far, the 13 previous players have been suspended for 48 games and have paid or will pay m…

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Steel Curtain

Defense Rules: These NFL Non-Offensive Records Will Fall This Year

The heyday of the big, famous NFL defenses with all those cool nicknames was back in the days before 1978.

The Fearsome Foursome, Steel Curtain, Doomsday Defense, etc.: all those legendary defenses terrorized offenses before the rule change…

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NFL Means Having To Say You’re Sorry: A Lot

We live in the Age of Apology. Thanks to instant media, our thoughts sometimes speed from that knee-jerk part of our brain out to public consumption without stopping in the editing room.

This isn’t especially tragic for you and me, but for …

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Wes Welker

Who Will Break These NFL Records This Year?

Whoever came up with the cliche, “records are meant to be broken” is an idiot.

What’s a guy thinking when he sets a record: “OK, now that that’s done, I just have to wait until somebody comes along and breaks it. Then everything will be OK….

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Aaron Hernandez

NFL’s Solution to Criminal Dilemma: “Kids, Do Your Homework”

Well, you have to admit it’s sort of like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

In other words, not nearly enough.

The NFL is taking an image-beating this offseason, mainly from the arrest of former Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez…

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Mitch McConnell

NFL Blows Chance To Do Public Good

I’m like most sports fans who like to keep sports and politics as far apart as possible.

Not always possible.

It’s like Dave Zirin wrote in his book Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down: “Whether we choose to ack…

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Mike Shanahan

Hot Seat! How Long Will These Coaches Be Employed?

You remember December 31, 2012 don’t you? The Day That Will Live in Infamy?

Well, at least it was for the seven NFL coaches who were fired that day, and that doesn’t even include the five General Managers. In all, eight coaches were canned …

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Pat Tillman Statue

Murderous Offseason for NFL

Rape, assault, drunken driving, murder and mayhem!

Oh wait, that’s just the NFL news of the day. You know, the NFL rap sheet.

Let’s see, former New England tight end Aaron Hernandez arrested for first degree murder. That’s 29 arrests and c…

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Peyton Manning

NFL’s Nastiest Quarterback Controversies

In a world where backup quarterbacks make an average of around $1.6 million, you have to wonder what incentive there is to fight for a starting job.

Well, how about this: Starting quarterbacks make an average of close to $4 million, with gu…

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Daniel Snyder

Is “Redskins” a Slur or an Honor? Hint: It’s a Slur

Daniel Snyder

The prickly issue of the Washington Redskins’ insulting nickname would be much worse if team owner Daniel Snyder didn’t justify it in such a sensitive and understanding way.

“We’ll never change the name,” Snyder told USA Today after the issue re-surfaced recently. “It’s that simple. Never. You can put that in capital letters.”

Thank you, Mr. Sensitive. There are some other words I’d like to put in caps, but I won’t.

Remember, this is the same guy who sued season ticket holders who couldn’t pay up when the recession hit, even though he said there were 200,000 on the waiting list.  The same billionaire who changes coaches like power ties.

Anyway, it’s ironic that the nickname was supposedly meant to “honor” head coach William Henry “Lone Star” Dietz, who probably wasn’t even a Native American.

I won’t beat this dead horse into submission again.

But, I will point out that NFL team nicknames – their origins, history, purpose, changes, everything about them – can be very interesting. More on that here.

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