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Excellent For The Price

Don’t buy the knock-offs; my friend has one, and it’s not safe for vehicle use. Problem solved!

The video was recorded with Xacti 1010 was terrible.

Very stable even with a very tall video camera.

This company is going into my favorites list. This device is intended to be used on nearly vertical or horizontal glass, not a sloping windshield. When mounted, it almost feels strong enough that you could hang a manhole cover from the thing.

Sure, all the menus were upside down, but it’s relatively easy to use Windows Movie Maker to rotate the picture 180 degrees. The only gripe I have is that the arm is too short for the type camera I have and the slant of my windshield. Yet it fits easily into the camera, just as theoretically it was designed to do. The vibration and shaking is acceptable. I’m thinking I might just mount the camera upside down, and then if I ever need the video, I can run it through a program to flip the video over.

I tried just the mount first. I bought this to record video from my race car during sanctioned events. We have contacted the manufacturer and we’ll see what happens from there – but if you buy this product don’t install it without measuring the screw and measuring that of a standard tripod mount before using it.

Whoever posted the customer photographs is a moron. But would buy again without question.

This mount is well engineered, can hold an SLR in place and is made of solid plastic and screws. This is designed to attach to a recording device from the top of the device and not the bottom. This thing really surprised me. If this camera mount didn’t fall off when a car hit me doing 60MPH+, then it will do fine.

I’d buy another Panavise product as my experience is that they are of good quality. I was never much concerned with looks so much as I just wanted the bike useable. The Panavise 809 I received only had the single knuckle.

This mount works great with my Flip camera. I don’t know – that sounds a little high to me. I use this mount for either a digital camera or a pocket camcorder to video my AutoX runs.

The way I got around this was mounting my camera hanging upside down in my car power window switch kits.

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