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Finding Auto Shipping services

Transport of a vehicle from an origin to a destination without physically operating it can be called auto shipping. Auto Shipping can be carried out by land transport on a car carrier, ocean transport on a freighter, or air transport by cargo airplane. There are many different terms to describe auto shipping such as auto transport, vehicle transport, vehicle shipping, car shipping, car transport, or car hauling. Companies that provide vehicle transport services may be called auto transporters, vehicle shippers, vehicle transporters, auto shippers, car transporters, car carriers, car haulers, or auto haulers.

Finding car shipping companies is very easy if you have access to the internet. To start your search type in auto shipping or any of the similar keywords. More than likely your problem will not be finding companies it will be figuring out which one to choose. If you submit Free Vehicle Shipping Quotes on any of the top listing expect to be contacted by up to 10 or more transport salesmen. Though some auto transport sales persons can be helpful some people may not enjoy being pressured into taking a service by a professional salesman. A good tip on finding auto transport companies would be to narrow your key word search or look a companies further down on the search result. Smaller transport companies tend to provide better transport services because of more personal interactions.

Picking an auto shipping company can be very time consuming. The auto shipping industry is saturated with companies eager to get your business. Before picking a transport company to move your vehicle it is important to ask all the right questions. Asking questions will always help you get a feel for the company that might be best for you or be maybe the worst for you. Unfortunately most companies have salesmen who do all the talking and they are just there to sell. Most companies have reps who have never driven a truck, transported a vehicle, or even possess a Class A CDL license which is needed to drive a commercial truck. Companies who do not have experienced reps may lack the ability to provide quality transport services simply due to lack of knowledge. To find out more about auto transport companies ask questions regarding their history and what their role is in the company. Always go with the company who responds to your emails, call, and questions as good communication means good transport service.

To book auto shipping services with most any company you will need to place a deposit to confirm transport. An auto transport deposit is a normal procedure in the industry. The deposit confirms that you are dedicated to using one particular company to handle your transportation job. The balance of the total transport cost is usually due at the delivery destination. If you will not be able to physically be at the drop off point you may need to pay the total transport cost upfront or at least by the time the vehicle is delivered.

If there is anything about your vehicle that makes it different from normal road going vehicles please let your auto shipper know. Examples of things that could make your transport different would be if the vehicle does not run. A vehicle that does not run can still be transported but it will need to be handled differently. A vehicle that has been modified or comes from the factory moderately to extremely different than regular passenger vehicles may need special auto transport services. Another example of a vehicle that could require specialized transport could be an exotic sports car. Exotic sports cars are usually low the ground for performance purposes making them hard to load on regular car carrier trailers. A special trailer with the ability to load low ground clearance vehicles will be needed no avoid problems. A vehicle that is over sized or over normal height may also need special transport service as most car carrier trailers are built to transport mass produced average factory vehicles.

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