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Happiness Happens Today! (And Every Day!)

I’ve blogged about the Secret Society of Happy People before for a few reasons:

  • Happiness makes stress management easier
  • I love what the Secret Society For Happy People has to offer
  • I love celebrating observances like Happiness Happens Month and Hunt For Happiness Week, and many of you do, too!

There’s a new SoHP event today that might put a smile on your face: Happiness Happens Day. There are several ways to celebrate, some officially suggested by Pamela Gail at SoHP, some suggested by me, and some created by you and other readers. (In other words, you can celebrate by doing anything that makes you happy, but we have some ideas for you here!) Below are some suggestions to get you started. I also recommend getting in touch with the Secret Society’s Facebook Page if you like lots of Facebook updates that might make you smile throughout the day. (And don’t forget to “like” the Stress Management page for stress management quotes, articles, and inspiration from yours truly; I post about once every day or two, and would love to “see” you there!)

Ways to make Happiness Happen:

  • Visit the Secret Society of Happy People’s website and find out about Happiness Happens Day, their “31 Types of Happiness,” and more.
  • Reach out to friends. Strong friendships and social support make us happier, and can relieve stress as well. (Here’s some research on how this works.)
  • Partake in life’s little pleasures; the little things that can lighten our mood can bring about an “upward spiral” of positive feelings.
  • Listen to music. Music can strongly affect mood (and even physiology!) and can be a quick route to stress relief and a better mood. (Read more about the benefits of music.)
  • Look at pictures of puppies, babies, and other cute things, if that makes you happy. (It makes me happy, so I do this on a regular basis. I’m not ashamed to admit it, either.)
  • Tackle a goal that you’ve had for a while. Even if you don’t completely meet your desired goal, taking the first steps and having a plan that can take you to completion can bring a lasting lift for your mood. (Here’s more on the power of goals, and tips on how to reach them more easily.)
  • Express gratitude. It makes others feel good and it can make you feel even better! (Read more about gratitude here, and see how to make it a bigger part of your life.)
  • Read up on positive psychology and all the various research-proven ways you can make yourself happier on a daily basis.
  • You can find more stress management resources on Facebook–find our page and be sure to “like” for regular updates and discussions.

    Please feel free to add your own happiness tips in the comments section, sign up for the free stress management newsletter for ongoing updates, and have a wonderful week!

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