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How Will You Celebrate Relaxation Day?

If you missed “National Lazy Day” last Saturday, relax: you have a second chance to celebrate doing nothing! Today, August 15th, is National Relaxation Day, a day to relax your body and mind, even if just for a few minutes. Why all the days of rest? It turns out that many people aren’t as good at relaxing as they would like to be, or as would be healthiest for them, and this lack of relaxation can lead to too much stress. (And too much stress can lead to other physical and psychological issues.) Relaxing your body can help you to reverse your stress response; relaxing your mind can help you to approach your problems from a clearer perspective because you’re not simply reacting from a place of stress. Add in the fact that relaxation feels good, and we really don’t need any more reasons to celebrate today, do we?

If you’re not sure what to do to celebrate this special holiday, the following articles can give you some ideas. I also encourage you to leave your best ideas in the “comments” section if you’d like, or check out what people are saying on Facebook. Enjoy your day!

How To Clear Your Mind
Relaxing your mind can help you to relax physically because mental relaxation cues your body’s stress response to take a break. Here is how to clear your mind and relax.

Use The Body Scan Meditation To Relax Your Body
Relaxing your body can also help you to relax your mind–when you are physically more relaxed, your thinking becomes less distracted and your creativity can come out more easily. This effective physical relaxation tool has been used by many, many people as a quick and easy route to relaxation. Give it a try!

When And How To Take A Mental Health Day
You may not have time to take a “mental health day” today, but today is a day to consider whether you might benefit from one, and plan when and how you would take it. This article can give you motivation and inspiration.

Again, you can find more stress management resources on Facebook–find our page and be sure to “like” for regular updates and discussions.

Please feel free to add your own tips for embracing laziness in the comments section, sign up for the free stress management newsletter for ongoing updates, and have a wonderful week!

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