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Live It Up This Week!

“Every person dies. Not every person really lives.” ~ William Wallace

Sometimes when we our lives become full of activity, we stop having fun. We may become so busy that we really only have time to do the things we must do, without enough time to do what we’d like to do. We put off having fun until we have more ‘spare time’, but when time opens up, there is a long line of items waiting that must be done, and the fun things we’d like to do get put off even longer. (I know, I’ve been there, too.)

It’s perfectly understandable that this may happen–the consequences for not getting the ‘important’ things done are generally heavier than the consequences of not having fun, at least on a case-by-case basis. But, as with a sleep deficit, a deficit of fun builds up over time, and can leave you battling burnout in multiple areas of your life. Plus, research shows that having fun–like the type of fun experienced on the weekend–contributes to physical and emotional wellbeing. This is reason enough to prioritize having a good time, and there’s no better time for that than the present, and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Think you need to do something exciting, novel or expensive to get a real benefit out of fun time? Think again. This kind of fun can be great, but you can enjoy a free night of games with friends, take a bike ride, or even sit and meditate for a few minutes and get benefits. Don’t let ‘fun perfectionism’ get in your way!

Below are some resources you can use today to enjoy your weekend. Share in the comments if you have your own ideas of a good time and haven’t seen them mentioned here, and please use the ‘share’ button to pass this post on to others who need a little more fun in their lives. I hope you all live it up this weekend, and as much as you can in the days before it!

Resources for Fun:

  • How To Have A Truly Relaxing Staycation
  • Cheap Vacation In Your Home Town
  • Take a Play-Cation!
  • Fun and Games for Stress Relief
  • Fun Stress Relievers To Try
  • Laugh More and Have More Fun
  • Hosting a Game Night

Here are some of my favorite group games, and here’s a list of favorite games from readers. Check them out and share your favorites, or tell us what you do for fun in the comments section of this blog. And again, if you found this blog helpful, please share it with the people in your life who could also use some fun, via the ‘share’ button below. Have fun!

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