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“National Lazy Day” is August 10: How Will You Celebrate?

If you’re feeling the need for a break, you can get excited about today: not only is it a Saturday, it’s “National Lazy Day,” a day where you celebrate by doing nothing–or at least nothing you have to do! Leisure time is important for stress management, lifestyle balance, and even productivity, so I really encourage you to celebrate this observance to the fullest. (And if you are reading this after the day has passed, don’t worry, we have “National Relaxation Day” coming up on the 15th–you can make your plans for then, or just figure you have a right to be a little bit lazy every day!)

If you’re not sure what to do to celebrate this special holiday, the following articles can give you some ideas. I also encourage you to leave your best ideas in the “comments” section if you’d like, or check out what people are saying on Facebook. Enjoy your day!

Why It’s Important To Take A Break
If you’re not completely convinced (or if you’d like to feel even better about relaxing today and every day), here is the case for being a bit lazy in the name of stress relief. You’ll also find good ideas of how to accomplish this important state of being.

Meditations for Relaxation
Meditation is such a fantastically effective activity for stress relief, I have to give it another plug today. If you’re not already practicing meditation, I encourage you to pick a meditation technique and give it a try today. It goes along beautifully with the whole “be lazy” theme of today, and does so in a way that can enhance your brain!

More Tips For Taking A Break
Here are some ways to take a break from it all, including taking a staycation, a “playcation,” and other -cations. It’s not too late to enjoy a day of rest or play!

Again, you can find more stress management resources on Facebook–find our page and be sure to “like” for regular updates and discussions.

Please feel free to add your own tips for embracing laziness in the comments section, sign up for the free stress management newsletter for ongoing updates, and have a wonderful week!

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