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NFC West: Stacked With Talent, Loaded For Bear

Colin Kaepernick

The NFC West has had its ups and downs, for sure. This is a storied division that has produced eight Super Bowl trophies, between San Francisco and the St. Louis Rams.

Yet it was also the first division in NFL history to produce a champion with a losing record. That would be Seattle, who finished 7-9 in 2010. The Seahawks accepted the division trophy with their heads down and eyes averted.

That won’t happen this year. The division is stacked again. If you’re a gambling man, you probably know bookmakers from Las Vegas to Bangkok have made the 49ers co-favorites, along with the Broncos, to win the Super Bowl.

But, it’s a long season and training camp injuries are already taking a toll on a lot of teams. If Colin Kaepernick goes down, as he well could with all the dangerous scampering he does, could the Niners make it to the Big Tamale again?

What about Seattle? Is Russell Wilson for real, or just a one-year wonder? Can Sam Bradford lead the Rams to a contending spot, and will the new-look Cardinals amount to anything at all this year?

Dude, I got the answers to these questions and more right here. Comments are welcome and, incidentally, bring excellent karma.

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