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Quick Tip: How to Save Money on Wi-Fi Internet Access on an Airplane

Gogo inflight internetThe price of airline wireless service has been steadily rising, as Gogo recently stopped offering one-time passes on certain flights and instead is charging $10 an hour for Wi-Fi internet access. The good news for air travelers, though, is it definitely pays to prepare ahead.

Yesterday I bought Gogo’s inflight internet access. It cost $14.95 for full day access. I wasn’t thrilled to pay for Wi-Fi, since some airlines offer free Wi-Fi, but those fifteen bucks were a much better deal than what I would have paid if I bought the internet access on the plane: $10 an hour–and my flight is 5 hours long.

I’m typing this using the Gogo service now. It’s about as speedy as the kind you’d get at an Internet cafe or Wi-Fi hotspot–except, well, you’re 30,000 feet in the air. Video streaming, however, such as through Netflix isn’t supported, unfortunately, and YouTube videos also stutter.

The next time you’re getting on a plane and want to get online too, just remember to buy your Gogo access before your flight.

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