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Stressed By School?

While my kids don’t start classes again for almost a month, many have already been back in school for weeks! And, with the (usually) earlier schedules, busier mornings and fuller days of the school year, there is more stress. Whenever the school year starts for you, here are some resources you can use to relieve the stress you experience this school year!:

Back-To-School Stress Relief
For many families, going back to school means going back to stress! While some stress from school may be inevitable, here are some tips to smooth the transition from summer to school.

How To Reduce Stress and Excel In School
Here are some tips that can help every student–from the very young to the college-aged–relieve stress and do better in school, which can relieve more stress!

Stress Relief For College Students
If you’re college-bound or a returning student, you probably already know the importance of stress management during this time in your life. Here are some strategies for keeping stress at bay!

What do you find stressful about the school year? What do you do to relieve the stress of school? Share your thoughts in the comments section–we love to hear from you!

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