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Suh Fined $30K for Kicking Shaub, But Claims He’s Innocent

Ndamukong Suh’s latest questionable move won’t cost him playing time. But it will cost him money.

According to a report from Anwar Richardson of, the NFL has decided to hit Suh with a $30,000 fine for kicking Texas quarterback Matt Schaub during a game on Thanksgiving Day. Previously, the league had announced that Suh, who is compiling quite a record of dirty hits (or allegedly dirty hits), would not be suspended for the play in question, during which he appeared to kick Shaub in the groin.

Though many observers have said it’s difficult to tell from film of the play whether Suh’s kick was intentional, it certainly looked out of the ordinary, and Schaub, for one, was none too pleased about it. In the days after the incident, he told a Houston radio station that he wouldn’t want to play on the same team as Suh, and added that the star defensive tackle was not “Houston Texan worthy.” Whatever that means.

Suh, of course, maintains his innocence. He says the kick entirely accidental, and that he “inadvertently” hit Schaub. We can only wonder how long it is until he “inadvertently” hits somebody again. – Tim Hyland

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