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Super Sleepers: Can One of These “Underdogs” Stun the Nation?

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Remember the Jets and Miracle Mets of ’69? The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team? The Buster Douglas-Mike Tyson stunner?

Every sports fan loves a great upset, especially when it’s his team doing the upsetting.

The Super Bowl has had a few surprises, other than the Joe Namath-led Jets beating the Baltimore Colts in 1969.

There was the Giants win over the 12-point favorites, the Patriots, in Super Bowl XLII, ruining New England’s perfect season. And there was the Chiefs over the Vikings, who were also 12-point favorites, in Super Bowl IV. Just to name two examples.

Actually, it’s getting to be sort of a trend in the Super game. When the Ravens whipped San Francisco last year, it was the third straight year the game was won by a team seeded third or lower in its conference.

The same could easily happen again this year. So I put together this list of the teams, none of whom are the favorites of the odds-makers, who could again sneak up and do the unexpected.

Do you have a sleeper?

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