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New Orleans Saints

NFC South: Saints Come Marching Back!

New Orleans Saints

The NFC South is one of the newer divisions in the NFL, but one of the most successful, evenly matched and certainly one of the most fun to watch.

Every team in the division has played in a conference championship and every one has played in a Super Bowl.

Since 2002, when the division was formed, every team has won the division at least twice, so it’s a very evenly matched division.

In terms of entertainment value, from a fan’s perspective, the NFC South has some of the most exciting and wide-open, pass-happy offenses to watch.

By the way, did you see where Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton said Tampa Bay secretly believes starting quarterback Josh Freeman can’t play, and that they are grooming rookie Mike Glennon to take over pronto?

“Josh Freeman has proven to me that he can’t play,” Tarkenton said in a radio interview with WDAE.

What do you think? Is Josh Freeman bogus? I mean, the guy did throw for over 4,000 yards and 27 touchdowns last year.

And can the Saints, with newly returned coach Sean Payton, break Atlanta’s stranglehold on the division? Will they at least finish better than last year’s 7-9?

Here is what I think, based on training camp and preseason film, as well as extensive interviews with league sources.

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Source: About.com

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eyebrow shaping

A Few Thoughts About Eyebrow Shaping

eyebrow shapingThe Beauty by the Numbers column is Allure is always one of my favorites. You know the one–where they offer fun facts about a specific subject? September’s is on eyebrows. I don’t want to steal the magazines thunder, but a few of my favorite eyebrow facts I learned from it are:

  • In the 1920s hydrogenated cottonseed oil was used to create two popular products: Crisco and an eyebrow pencil that went on smoothly.
  • Approximately 35 million pairs of Tweezerman slant tweezers have been sold.
  • Seven spring 2010 fashion shows featured models with bleached or covered eyebrows.

One fact I would like to know: How many hours the average woman spends grooming her eyebrows. I would be embarrassed to know my own count! Read on for tips about easy eyebrow shaping.

Source: About.com

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Nivea Banned Ad 1

Racist Ads? Stop Being Silly.

Ah, the politically correct horde have stomped over another advertising campaign, this time with claims of racism. If someone were to describe the ad, it may at first seem a bit off. A clean-shaven, well-groomed black man is stood clutching his former scraggy, unshaven head. And the headline reads Re-Civilize Yourself. You can see it below.

Nivea Banned Ad 1

But hang on. Is this as really saying “hey, black men are scruffy, uncivilized neanderthals with afros who need some hygiene” or is it saying “get back into grooming with Nivea?”

I know its the latter. It’s obvious. And what makes it even more obvious is that this work is part of a campaign, which also shows a white businessman holding his own scruffy, severed head.

Nivea 2

So, what’s happening here? It’s a basic problem of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Advertisers are under more and more pressure to feature diversity in their campaigns. And so that means you can’t just feature white cavemen, but black, Asian, Hispanic and the new darling of the photoshoots, the “ethnically ambiguous” models. These uncategorized people have even been told they are the new black.

But produce a campaign like the one for Nivea, and now you have problems. It’s fine to take a pot-shot at a once unkempt white man, but not for any other race.

Double-standard? Yes. Is it justified? Maybe once. But now, it’s just a silly knee-jerk response that actually gives a fairly under-the-radar campaign more press than it ever would have received. I think we should all be a little more civilized, and stop this nonsense.

Source: About.com

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8 Grooming Products I Always Have On Hand

Most people have certain favorite “beauty” products they like to have on hand at all times. I’m no different. There are several products in particular that you will always find in my bathroom. I can’t live without them.
Source: About.com

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