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Happy Best Friends Day!

One of the best-feeling ways to manage stress is to do so with the support of your best friends. Whether it’s a single “best friend” like you may have had growing up, or a group of friends who are your go-to buddies, friends help us shoulder the burden of stress when things get tough, and they intensify the celebrations when things go well. Today, August 15th, is the day that we celebrate our best friends: Happy Best Friends Day!

How can you celebrate Best Friends Day? There are an unlimited number of ways, but I have a few recommendations that can enhance your relationships and help you to build resilience toward stress. If you have your own ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments section or in a comment on Facebook. Here are mine so far:

  • Give A Gift This seems to be one of the more traditional ways to celebrate a special occasion: with a gift. But this can be a gift with a twist. Give a gift that reminds your friend of a happy memory you had together, like a framed picture of the two of you having fun, an item that represents a shared interest (such as yarn, a sports jersey, or a coffee card), or even just an e-card with a nice note attached. Because of the positive effects of giving, you’ll be getting something great out of it, too! (Guys, feel free to simply give a high-five if you think giving a skein of yarn or sachet of handmade potpourri might bring more of a puzzled look than a big hug. Or just skip to the next idea. It’s okay.)
  • Play A Game Whether you’re a sporty type who likes physical games, a techie type who plays video games, a board game fan who throws a great game night, or a Facebooker who loves the fun games you can play with friends there, there’s no shortage of games at your disposal. Let your inner child come out, and play with your friends! Having fun is an enjoyable and effective way to combat stress. (If you’re on the fence about this, read up on the importance of having fun and get motivated to play.)
  • Write A Gratitude Letter One of the best tools that Positive Psychology has identified as a route to good feelings is the gratitude letter, a letter that you write and give to someone that outlines what you appreciate about the positive things they’ve done in your life. (Here is a positive psychology-based guideline for creating a gratitude letter.) People don’t always write gratitude letters outside of a course in positive psychology or a therapy or coaching session, but I really believe that the would would be a better place if people did this regularly. Why not take this opportunity to create a version of this experience? While it is recommended that you write a full letter and read it in front of the person, you can send it in an email, casually share a quicker version of what you might write in a letter, or find other ways to express your gratitude that feel right for you. The point is that you can show your appreciation for your friends today, and specifically mention what you love about them.
  • Hang Out With Your Friends This is probably the best way to celebrate, if you can swing it. Not everyone has time to get together on a Thursday, so you may just want to make plans to spend time together (in person, if you can, or via Skype or the phone if distance and scheduling are an issue). Spending time with your friends and just having fun can strengthen the relationships, and help you to blow off steam and manage stress as well. Have fun!

For more on the importance of social support, read the following articles. I also encourage you to leave your best ideas for celebrating in the “comments” section if you’d like, or check out what people are saying on Facebook. Enjoy your day!

Social Support: The Hows and Whys of Cultivating a Circle of Friends
Why are friends so great, and how can you find more of them? This article clues you in.

How To Maintain Social Support
Friendships don’t always come easily. Here are some skills you need to maintain these important relationships.

About.com Friendship
I love About.com’s Friendship site–there are some fantastic resources here on creating and maintaining a supportive circle of friends. Whether you’re working on creating stronger friendships, helping your kids get the hang of it, or working through a challenging issue with a friend, this site can be very helpful.

Again, you can find more stress management resources on Facebook–find our page and be sure to “like” for regular updates and discussions.

Please feel free to add your own tips for embracing laziness in the comments section, sign up for the free stress management newsletter for ongoing updates, and have a wonderful week!

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Etsy Seriously Has Some of the Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

A Christmas party just isn’t the same without a couple gallons of egg nog and an over-the-top festive sweater decorated with lights, beads, jewels, giant pom-poms and various pieces of fabric. Am I right?

Etsy seems to have quite the amazing selection of ugly Christmas sweaters for that special holiday occasion with family, friends or co-workers. And even though time is quickly running out to get one just in time for this season, it’s still always fun to browse through them and maybe even pick one out for next year.

  • What is Etsy?

You can also check out eBay as well. Both eBay and Etsy have some pretty creative and eye-catching sweaters available for a decent price. I personally think that the ones that are handmade or the vintage ones are always the best!

Photo from MemeGenerator.net

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Photo of Duck Dynasty cast

‘Duck Dynasty’ A&E’s Biggest Hit

Photo of Duck Dynasty cast

For years, A&E Network has slowly transformed from a cable channel dedicated to highbrow arts and entertainment into a channel dedicated to, as their official tagline puts it, “Real Life. Drama.”

With Duck Dynasty, the transformation is complete.

The reality show, which follows the Robertsons, a family of backwoods Louisiana duck hunters who have made a fortune selling handmade duck calls, has become a bona fide hit, dominating Wednesday night in key demographics.

This week’s Season Two finale drew 6.5 million viewers, becoming the most-watched episode in network history. Over the season, viewers increased by 139 percent, pushing Duck Dynasty into the top spot for Wednesday night cable shows (both among total viewers and key demographics).

The Duck Dynasty season finale was Wednesday’s top show (on cable and broadcast TV) among adults 18-49. It also garnered the most activity across major social media platforms (as judged by Trendrr.TV, Blufin Labs and Social Guide) of any cable program that night.

If you missed Duck Dynasty‘s Christmas themed finale, A&E is replaying the one-hour holiday episode Saturday, December 8 at 9PM Eastern. Season Three will premier with new episodes in early 2013.

Learn more about Duck Dynasty.

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© Pinterest

Pinterest Appeal is Wide, Deep

Pinterest is one of Web’s most intensely engaging social networks, with users who spend a lot of time on the site and also engage with more than 100,000 other sources across the Internet.

© Pinterest
© Pinterest

That was a key conclusion reached in a report released this week analyzing usage of the popular social photo sharing service.

Prepared by Internet commerce research firm RJMetrics, the report found that Pinterest users are even more actively engaged than Twitter users were at a similar point in its history.

Pinterest users “pin” content or save images from more than 100,000 different locations on the Web, with none claiming a significant amount of referrals. Etsy, the site for handmade artistic goods, is the single biggest image source and only accounted for 3 percent of the total, RJMetrics found. Google Image Search and the Flickr photo sharing site were the next biggest image referral sources.

RJMetrics also found the lion’s share of “pins” were actually “repins,” which means people were reposting images that other Pinterest user had already pinned.

Read more in this guide showing how to get a Pinterest invite and set up an Pinterest.com account.

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duct tape prom dress and tux

Handmade Duct Tape Prom Dress and Matching Tux!

duct tape prom dress and tux

Couture designers, step aside!

Lindsay Ashby and Jarrid Scott, graduates of Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Summer program, crafted the ultimate homemade prom attire for 2011: a dress and a tux constructed completely out of duct tape. Their outfits were so impressive that they won the 11th Annual Duck Tape brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest, and received $5,000 each to put towards their college tuition. Nice!

Their matching outfits combined vintage, modern and high fashion styles that showcased their personalities, according to the couple. Ashby’s dress featured lace that was meticulously cut out of duct tape sheets, and over 90 lilies with ten petals each. She also wore duct tape gloves, a duct tape headband and a lace duct tape arm band. Her heels were, of course, covered in duct tape to emulate a wingtip design.

Scott’s tux didn’t disappoint. Scott’s jacket sleeves and pants featured the same lace outlines as Ashby’s dress, while his tie and handkerchief were decorated with the lace pattern as well. His boutonniere was a single red lily.

duct tape prom dress and tuxAn abstract watercolor design was painted across Scott’s vest and Ashby’s dress.

The couple spent over 95 hours on their creations and used more than 57 rolls of duct tape. They were picked out of 330 entrants from the U.S. and Canada. Check out some of the other duct tape prom dresses and tuxes that students made here. They’re truly jaw-dropping!

Itching to try your hand at crafting a duct tape prom dress or tux? Pick up some Duck Brand duct tape at your local craft or hardware store. It comes in over 20 colors and patterns, including pink, aqua and Zig-Zag Zebra!

Photos Courtesy Duck Tape Brand

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