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New York Mets can’t buy a break

Just a couple of years, the two big-market franchises synonymous with dysfunction and owners in financial hardship were the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets.

The Dodgers have come out of it swimmingly under new and bold ownership. The Mets and the same owner, and a little more money to play with, but they’ve still got a mountain to climb. And they aren’t getting the breaks, either.

The one piece to the puzzle that looked the brightest is pitcher Matt Harvey, and the news is awful there. He has a torn ligament in his elbow, and for a young pitcher, that almost always means one thing is on the horizon: Tommy John surgery. The Mets ace, who started in the All-Star Game for the National League at Citi Field last month, is almost certainly out for the year.

The diagnosis came as a shock to Harvey, 24, who was just feeling mild discomfort. He will try to avoid the surgery if possible, but the longer he waits, the longer he’ll be out if it’s determined he needs the surgery.  Yahoo’s Jeff Passan broke down which pitchers have tried the rehab approach and put off the surgery, but the list of people who needed it outweighs those who didn’t.

“Throwing a baseball’s kind of an unnatural movement as it is,” Harvey said Monday to the New York Times. “Anytime you pick up a baseball, you’re always at risk for anything. We realize that as pitchers.”

Going nowhere fast — with Harvey or without him — the Mets traded outfielder Marlon Byrd (.285, 21 HR) and catcher John Buck (.215, 15 HR) to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who look playoff-bound.

And, in a cruel twist of fate, the deal came on Marlon Byrd T-shirt night. No, you can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Source: About.com

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Congress Has Six Weeks to Avoid Debt Ceiling Crisis

On Monday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew gave Congress until the middle of October to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, or risk a possible debt default. This means that the rate of currently authorized spending will drive the U.S. debt above the $16.7 trillion debt limit.

What makes this a bit confusing is that it will occur two weeks after Congress must pass the FY 2014 budget, due September 30. Many Republicans said they will only pass a budget that takes away funding (defunds) Obamacare.

What Will Probably Happen

Congress won’t risk a repeat of the 2011 debt ceiling crisis. This was devastating to the economy, and no one won. Instead, it will pass a short-term continuing resolution to raise the debt ceiling by October 15, just like it has throughout history. House Speaker John Boehner can pass this debt ceiling override, even without 100% of Republicans agreeing.

However, this is only a temporary fix. The FY 2014 budget needs to be passed, or many government agencies will run out of money as of the end of September (the end of the Federal fiscal year). This is a bigger issue. Republicans will insist that nothing will be passed unless Obamacare is defunded. Therefore, the budget probably won’t be passed.

This isn’t as dire as it sounds. The FY 2013 budget has never been approved, either. Instead, Congress enacted a continuing spending resolution in October 2012 and March 2013.

That’s probably what will happen with the FY 2014 budget. This means that spending will continue at current levels, continuing the sequestration spending cuts.

How It Affects You

You will hear a lot of reports in the news that there could be another crisis brewing. This could disrupt the stock market, and your investments. Gold prices will probably rise, like they did in 2011.

However, in all likelihood, it will pass over by November. Your best bet is to focus on leading economic indicators, to see how the real economy is performing. For example, yesterday’s Durable Goods Orders report showed there could be a temporary soft spot.

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Your Credit Score Can Affect Your Love Life

If you’re looking for love, you might need a good credit score to settle down. A recent survey from FreeCreditScore.com revealed that a good credit score is a big deciding factor for women and men in the dating realm these days. More women than men (75% vs. 57%) place importance on credit scores in dating and more people with college degrees than not (70% vs. 58%) consider credit scores important.

For many people surveyed, financial responsibility is even more important than other compatibility factors like career goals, family planning, and religion.

The topic of credit scores will probably come up at some point before a relationship or within the first year of the relationship, but only 30% of women and 20% of men say they wouldn’t marry someone with a poor credit score. Great news, since a bad credit score won’t necessarily last forever.

Improving Your Credit Score

  • How to Rebuild Bad Credit
  • 9 Things That Boost Your Credit Score
  • How to Get a Credit Card With Bad Credit
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Shared Photo Albums Are Coming to Facebook

Anyone with a Facebook account has probably experienced the joy of logging in to Facebook and seeing their News Feed plastered with newly uploaded individual photo albums from friends the day after attending a social event. But for some reason, shared photo albums on Facebook haven’t become a thing until now.

Mashable reported on Monday that Facebook users will soon be able to create shared photo albums with up to 50 contributing friends. Each contributor will be allowed to upload a maximum of 200 photos each, meaning that shared photo albums should hold up to 10,000 photos.

Of course, privacy settings will still be manageable on shared photo albums. Albums can be shared with the public, with the friends of each contributor, or just with the contributors themselves.

Facebook has already begun rolling out the new shared photo album feature across English user accounts on Facebook for desktop, and will expand to its roll out to international accounts thereafter.

As of May 2013, it’s been estimated that over 200,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every minute.

Photo © William Andrew / Getty Images

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Top 5 Tuesday – Why Radio People Get Fired

Top 5 Reasons Radio People Get Fired:

5. Still haven’t figured out a way to block under-aged girls from calling late-night deejays

4. The good news is: you’re #1. The bad news is the demographic you nailed are all on Medicare.

3. Never tweet a joke about the station’s biggest automotive client where you refer to him as “…that bait-and-switch jalopy sheister.”

2. The automation software never tells the Program Director to “…suck it, you amateur.”

And the #1 Reason Radio People Get Fired:

1. The studio should never smell like the open bar at a Greek wedding.

Source: About.com

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Gogo inflight internet

Quick Tip: How to Save Money on Wi-Fi Internet Access on an Airplane

Gogo inflight internetThe price of airline wireless service has been steadily rising, as Gogo recently stopped offering one-time passes on certain flights and instead is charging $10 an hour for Wi-Fi internet access. The good news for air travelers, though, is it definitely pays to prepare ahead.

Yesterday I bought Gogo’s inflight internet access. It cost $14.95 for full day access. I wasn’t thrilled to pay for Wi-Fi, since some airlines offer free Wi-Fi, but those fifteen bucks were a much better deal than what I would have paid if I bought the internet access on the plane: $10 an hour–and my flight is 5 hours long.

I’m typing this using the Gogo service now. It’s about as speedy as the kind you’d get at an Internet cafe or Wi-Fi hotspot–except, well, you’re 30,000 feet in the air. Video streaming, however, such as through Netflix isn’t supported, unfortunately, and YouTube videos also stutter.

The next time you’re getting on a plane and want to get online too, just remember to buy your Gogo access before your flight.

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Source: About.com

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Durable Goods Down 7.6%, Signaling Economic Soft Spot

Business orders for aircraft, machinery and equipment fell 7.9% in July, adding up to just  $226.6 billion. This was largely driven by a 52.3% drop in orders for commercial aircraft.  However, even when this was stripped out, orders for non-transportation durable goods were down .6%.  Nondefense capital goods orders, for just machinery and equipment, also fell 3.3%.These disappointing numbers means that the economy may have hit a soft spot, and signals that businesses are hesitant about purchasing expensive equipment.

However, this downturn follows three months of strong growth:  3.9% in June,   5.5% in May, and 3.6% in April’s 3.6%.

Shipments of previously ordered durable goods were down .3%. July is the first month in the third quarter, so this is not good news for the future Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report. Shipments are an important component of the nation’s economic growth. (Source: Census Bureau, Advance Report on Durable Goods, August 26, 2013)

How This Affects You

The only goods news is that July’s downturn followed three months of strong growth. Therefore, it could just be a temporary soft spot, and August orders could return to the long-term trend. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep an eye on it, and to remain cautious. The durable goods report is the most important leading economic indicator for future GDP growth.

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  • Types of Manufacturing Jobs


Source: About.com

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Ballmer to Retire as Microsoft CEO

The chief exec and major shareholder of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has announced he will retire from the organization within the next 12 months, once a successor is found. “There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time,” Ballmer said in a release earlier this week. The stock closed up more than 7% on Friday following the news. I wonder what billionaire Ballmer’s retirement will look like? What would you do if you were him?

Source: About.com

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Twitter news headlines

Twitter Debuts “Story Behind the Tweet” Feature

Twitter continues to find new ways to insert itself into the conversation around big news stories. Its latest effort is to show “related headlines” linking to news articles that embed particular tweets into a blog or news site. Here’s an example:

Twitter news headlines
Related News Headlines for an embedded Tweet

This example illustrates how Twitter’s Vine tweet announcing it had reached 40 million users was embedded in various technology news stories, including the headlines on Mashable and CNET news sites. Links are shown below the original tweet.

In announcing the change, Twitter said it’s hoping to provide more context for news. The headlines linking to news stories are designed to help users find more information about conversations taking place through tweets, which can be hard to decipher due to their extreme brevity.

Twitter’s announcement was titled, “New headlines feature offers story behind the Tweet.”

Source: About.com

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Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale, M.D?

Wizard of OzJust in time to celebrate – or take advantage of – the 75th anniversary of Victor Fleming’s all-time classic, Hollywood looks like it’s moving The Wizard of Oz from the silver screen to your living room television.

News broke a few weeks ago that CBS is developing Dorothy, a soapy medical drama that will use both the characters and the themes of L. Frank Baum’s novel in a contemporary hospital setting.

As if that weren’t enough, NBC plans to take a darker turn with a Game of Thrones-like adaptation that will draw stories from all 14 of Baum’s Oz novels.

Meanwhile, Syfy is set to make a miniseries called Warriors of Oz, which unsurprisingly will delve more into the fantasy side of things in its re-imagining the Oz world.

Meanwhile, a remastered 3D version of The Wizard of Oz (1939) will be released in theaters next month to get a jump start on the film’s much-anticipated anniversary.

The cast of Victor Fleming’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939)/MGM Home Entertainment

Source: About.com

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