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New York Mets can’t buy a break

Just a couple of years, the two big-market franchises synonymous with dysfunction and owners in financial hardship were the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets.

The Dodgers have come out of it swimmingly under new and bold ownership. The Mets and the same owner, and a little more money to play with, but they’ve still got a mountain to climb. And they aren’t getting the breaks, either.

The one piece to the puzzle that looked the brightest is pitcher Matt Harvey, and the news is awful there. He has a torn ligament in his elbow, and for a young pitcher, that almost always means one thing is on the horizon: Tommy John surgery. The Mets ace, who started in the All-Star Game for the National League at Citi Field last month, is almost certainly out for the year.

The diagnosis came as a shock to Harvey, 24, who was just feeling mild discomfort. He will try to avoid the surgery if possible, but the longer he waits, the longer he’ll be out if it’s determined he needs the surgery.  Yahoo’s Jeff Passan broke down which pitchers have tried the rehab approach and put off the surgery, but the list of people who needed it outweighs those who didn’t.

“Throwing a baseball’s kind of an unnatural movement as it is,” Harvey said Monday to the New York Times. “Anytime you pick up a baseball, you’re always at risk for anything. We realize that as pitchers.”

Going nowhere fast — with Harvey or without him — the Mets traded outfielder Marlon Byrd (.285, 21 HR) and catcher John Buck (.215, 15 HR) to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who look playoff-bound.

And, in a cruel twist of fate, the deal came on Marlon Byrd T-shirt night. No, you can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Source: About.com

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beastie boys ill communication.png

Five for Friday: Great, Not-So-Obvious Songs About the Telephone

The Outside Lands Rock Festival starts today in San Francisco. I’m not going – the last summer rock festival I went to was Lollapalooza…. waaaayyyyyy back in 1991, its very first year. I remember standing in a rain among the crowd at Nicollet Island in Minneapolis, watching a skeletal Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction and a spandex-clad Siouxsee Sioux with her new wave bandmates, the Banshees. 

My boss’s boss is going to Outside Lands. But he lives in mad, bad Oaktown and listens to bands like The National. 

Tech executives: they are truly the new hipsters.

Anyway, all of this Outside Lands talk got me thinking about my favorite songs about, naturally, the telephone. This is not unfertile ground. The vast majority of pop songs are about romance. Communication can determine if love blooms (or stinks). As a result, there’s a surprisingly large number of lists of songs about the telephone. Here’s a particularly comprehensive list, culled from reader submissions into the Guardian newspaper in the UK. 

My list is much shorter, but more fussily curated, consisting of songs that I personally like, haven’t gotten sick of, or feature singers with rad haircuts. In other words, no Tommy Tutone, no Blondie, no Stevie WonderClick on the singer/title to watch the video.

1. Cake – Never There. This song, by the 90s’ masters of sardonic deadpan singing, is ignored by most lists because the keyword’s not in the title. Too bad, because this song actually begins with the sound of a dial tone. The video lays it on even thicker, showing a lovelorn long-distance trucker trying to call his far-away baby who is “never, ever, ever, ever there.” (not in a Taylor Swift voice) Fun fact: the band claims that their name “Cake” doesn’t refer to the type of dessert, but to the verb, as in “something unpleasant caked on the bottom of my shoe.” 


Source: Wikipedia

2. Yaz – Bad Connection. This song comes from this pioneering synth duo’s album, Upstairs at Eric’s. It was introduced to me by my first college girlfriend, who lived in the dorm room RIGHT BELOW ME. Sounds like fate, huh? Actually, we only dated for six months before breaking up on bad terms and never speaking to each other again. 

“Bad Connection” is so Triassic-era that the story is about someone, so frustrated by the poor phone connection, actually contemplating writing a letter to her lover in order to arrange a pick-up at the airport. I can think of half-a-dozen better alternatives to snail mail today. I still listen to Yaz whenever I’m in the mood for spare Depeche Mode-style keyboard pop but can do without the heavy angst.

3. John Waite – Missing You. John Waite, along with Journey’s Steve Perry, stood out as archetypes of classic-MTV, female-friendly power balladeers. Much of the video for this 1984 No. 1 hit is set in an artsy loft in a Bright Lights, Big City-era Manhattan. Waite is sporting a blowdried coif, huge dangly earring and a sport jacket over t-shirt with the sleeves pushed up, while he belts out tragically: “And it’s my heart that’s breaking down this long-distance line tonight…I ain’t missing you at all.” Like I said, SO 80s. 

“Missing You” probably gets dismissed by young ‘uns, due to being on heavy rotation on the types of light-rock stations meant to be played in office lobbies. For me, this song is personal, churning up memories of awkward slow dances at prom and late nights driving home from my summer job at Target.

4. Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe. Yes, this peppy song is the complete opposite of “Never There.” It’s bubble-gum pop at its Hubba Bubba-iest. It’s also super-catchy, with more strings than a tennis racket warehouse. Still, shouldn’t this song, released in 2012, be called “Text Me Maybe?” “Videochat Me Maybe?” “WhatsApp Me Maybe?” (ok, that might be too clumsy) The point is, like Yaz’s “Bad Connection,” I heartily enjoy this song’s outdated technology references.

5. Beastie Boys – Ill Communication. Ok, this is a whole album, rather than a song. And I’m too lazy to check if the Boys ever mention drug dealers using payphones on Brooklyn street corners, or two-way pagers or even 14.4 kbps modems, for that matter on this album. The album’s got Communication in the title, end of story.

beastie boys ill communication.png

Source: Wikipedia

Before Ill Communications, I could never imagine an angry rapper shouting his lyrics over a sample of a flute solo. Yet, that’s the awesome lead track, “Sure Shot.” The other songs on this 1994 album feature a then-groundbreaking mix of 70s grindhouse soundtrack samples (all subsequently stolen by Quentin Tarentino) and lyrics honoring sports heroes from the mists of time: “I get mad hits like Rod Carew.”  

This album, and especially tracks like “Tough Guy,” “Sabotage,” (perfect song for a second-rate ensemble crime caper flick, think an Oceans Eleven ripoff starring The Rock) and the aforementioned “Sure Shot,” is best listened with the volume cranked to 11 in an empty, carpeted living room you can mosh in. It’s guaranteed to raise your testosterone levels better than AndroGel as assuredly as it will ruin your hearing.  

So what are YOUR favorite songs about the telephone or communications?

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Blog Post: Psychomagician and Super Sigma Crack Their First Case: Tried and True Exam Prep Tips

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who replied to the post: ‘Tried and True Exam Prep – Part 1: Practice, Practice, Practice.’ Psychomagician and Super Sigma could not have cracked the case without your help. Ultimately, your insights about how to prepare for an exam help the community, especially newbies to the world of Microsoft certification.

 We’d like to announce Psychomagician’s #1 (psycho) fan! He was a key contributor to the investigation into exam preparation. A very special thank you goes out to Michael Corkery. THANK YOU MICHAEL! An official ACE Chronicles Fan Club t-shirt is coming your way! Want to know more about the ACE Chronicles Fan Club and how to join? Stay tuned! We're working out the details, but it's going to be legend…wait for it… dairy!

Okay, time to get back on track here. SO, WHAT DID WE LEARN ABOUT EXAM PREPARATION? You’re not getting off that easy! You have to do a little investigating on your own by watching the video to find out!


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Paris Hilton

Have You Trademarked Your Name Yet?

Paris HiltonWell, you can only do so if you’re doing commerce represented by your name and that includes people whose names are also their profession, for example: actors and fashion designers.

  • Britney Spears ®
    Musician, Britney Spears trademarked her own name and recently registered her son Sean Preston’s name for a line of clothing.
  • Cher ®
    Cher registered her word mark for the goods and services that she provides, namely: entertainment services in the nature of live musical performances, and providing information relating to musical performances, Cher and her music via a global computer network.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev ®
    The former president of Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev trademarked his famous forehead, name, and nickname Gorby, after seeing his name used by others on vodka bottles and in pasta ads.
  • Paris Hilton ®
    Celebrity, Paris Hilton trademarked “Paris Hilton” to represent a clothing line for both humans and pets. She trademarked “Heir by Paris Hilton” for leather goods. Paris Hilton also owns the following trademarks: Just Me by Paris Hilton, Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton, Breathtaking by Paris Hilton, Can Can Paris Hilton, and PH. However, Paris Hilton does not own Free Paris Hilton, Sandra Smith does for her t-shirt business.
  • What is a trademark?
  • How do I apply for a registered trademark?
  • Stories about famous trademarks
  • Making a trademark drawing

USPTO trademark drawing of Just Me by Paris Hilton

Source: About.com

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New iPad: Was It Worth the Wait?

New iPad: Was It Worth the Wait?
Page 1 of 2 )

It was about 7:15 a.m. the
first day of sales of the new iPad – March 16 – and the line at the Apple store
in Fairfax, Va., was already more than 100 people deep. They were orderly and
friendly as an Apple employee passed out
vouchers for the iPad people wanted. The idea was that the store employees would know
immediate what iPad you wanted, select it from the immense stack at the back of
the store and get you on your way as quickly as possible.

The same Apple employees
were pushing a cart loaded with refreshments, so you could have coffee or water
while you waited. It was like airline service, but without the attitude and
without the spilled coffee in your lap. I asked the woman who was first in line
what she planned to do with
her new iPad.
"I don’t know," she said. "My husband thinks I’m crazy."

I asked others in line.
"Because it’s cool," was a common answer. Perhaps the second most
common was, "because my wife took mine and I need one." A few people
mentioned educational uses. Buyers seemed split between
the AT&T version of the iPad and the Verizon Wireless version.

I asked one future iPad
owner why he decided on the AT&T version. "I have AT&T for my
phone," he said. "It just makes sense."

Upstairs at the Verizon
Experience store in Fair Oaks Mall, the line was more subdued, and seemed to
consist of a larger proportion of business purchasers. There, the first person
in line was a radiologist who needed the improved resolution for viewing X-rays
in his continuing education class. He also thought he could use it in
conjunction with his daughters’ sports activities.

Inside the Verizon store
after it opened, I noticed a large number of people buying multiple iPads. One
person had a stack of four devices, apparently one for each member of his
family. A Verizon store employee was on hand as each customer entered the store
to help with the purchase process and help the customers get their device
activated on Verizon’s 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network.

Back downstairs at the Apple
store, it was now nearly 9 a.m., and the line was still there. Apple employees
were chatting with customers, still passing out refreshments and pairing each
customer with an Apple salesperson waiting inside the store entrance. The line
was shorter, but not as short as I’d expected. People kept joining the line,
apparently stopping by to pick up a new iPad on the way to work.

Finally, I joined the line,
was handed my voucher, offered refreshments and chatted with the Apple employee
that I’d been chatting with all along anyway. The line moved quickly, and in
minutes I was introduced to an Apple salesperson. “Hi, I’m Ian,” the young man
with the blue Apple T-shirt said. He took my voucher and said, “Follow me.”

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Angela Simmons

Ties Aren’t Just for Guys

Angela Simmons stepped out on the red carpet wearing an adorable tie that any girl could turn into a DIY project. In about five minutes, you could have a sweet new accessory for a sweet sixteen party or semi formal dance.

Angela Simmons' Tie

How to Make Your Own Tie:

1) Take a satin sash off one of your old dresses, or find a soft strip of pretty satin fabric at your local craft store. Make sure it’s at least 30 inches long.

2) Pinch the top end of the strip. Fold about eight inches of fabric down over itself.

3) Use a straight pin to create a two and a half inch loop at the top. Fasten the loop to the front of your dress or fancy t-shirt.

4) Trim the long end of your ribbon so it hits exactly where you want it. Angela’s hits just below her hips.

You just made your own tie!

Photo Courtesy Getty Images

Source: About.com

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Carson Kressley eliminated from DWTS 13

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cuts Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley eliminated from DWTS 13Carson Kressley was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars last night.

The former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fashion expert had been paired with professional dancer Anna Trebunskaya before the couple was eliminated.

During Monday’s 80s inspired routines, Kressely and Trebunskaya performed a jive to Toni Basil’s song “Mickey.” Taking off from Basil’s music video, Kressely and Trebunskaya also dressed in cheerleading outfits and waved pom poms.

When the routine started Kressley was actually wearing a track suit, which he ended up stripping away to reveal tight workout shorts and t-shirt.

That song choice (and maybe Kressley’s gender-crossing pom poms) cost the couple their spot on Dancing With the Stars Season Thirteen.

“Mickey” isn’t an easy song to dance to and the judges criticized the pair, saying that the choice didn’t utilize enough dancing skill (opposed to cheerleading skill).

Still, the studio audience was so disappointed at Kressley’s elimination that many cried out “No!” at the announcement.

What do you think? Should Carson Kressley have been eliminated? Or should another couple have been cut instead?

Photo © ABC

Source: About.com

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2011′s Third Radio Tower Fall

Another tragic radio tower death occurred this past Wednesday in Newton, Massachusetts. A worker doing maintenance and adding a new antenna pole and safety ladder fell 500 feet to his death from a communications tower which is a landmark on Route 128.

This is the third incident this year of radio tower deaths. On April 13, 2011 two construction workers in Colburn, Indiana fell 340 feet to their deaths when their harnesses failed. Investigators say there was a malfunction with a parallel support device that was attached to the tower.

There was another strange tower incident on March 8, 2011 in Oak Park, Michigan. Police were called when repair men found a dead body on a small platform near the top of a 1,000 foot radio tower. The man had only a T-shirt and underwear on and there were no signs of violence. Obviously, his death was not related to a typical fall.

More: Radio Tower Accidents, Mishaps, and Misfortunes

Source: About.com

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Red jeans

Must-Have of the Week: Red Jeans

Red jeans
Over style period, I was introduced to Redbreast’s Pants. Loved by celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys, Robin’s Pants are the activity of Thrush Chretien, who previously worked at planner material lines. The jeans are so caretaker brushed, change a ingratiating fit and yellow wings on the tush, that symbolize immunity and staircase.

I’m not mortified to allow I wore the jeans twice the basic week I got them! I styled them, as seen here for a sport watching engagement with my mate, by cuffing them, act a low-heeled sandal and adding a intimate person. On other night, I went for a many stone and ramble face, with a evil T-shirt and studded nasal heels. Both worked equally good.

Redbreast’s Pants are disposable at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

See else must-have cloth jeans for the perish.

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Popular Tech Blog, TechCrunch.com, Loses Founder and Editor, Michael Arrington

Yesterday marked a sad day for the number one tech blog on the web. While talk about TechCrunch founder and editor Michael Arrington leaving the team had been up in the air for several weeks already, he officially announced his resignation during the kick-off to TechCrunch Disrupt on September 12th, 2011.

“It’s no longer a good situation for me to stay at TechCrunch. Effective in a couple of days, I won’t be an employee of TechCrunch or AOL. I will continue to run the Crunchfund and AOL will remain a partner in CrunchFund. I will continue to support this conference and TechCrunch over time,” Arrington said.

In light of the situation, Arrington was found to be sporting a T-shirt at TechCrunch Disrupt that read “Unpaid Blogger” on the front during the time that he made the announcement.

The same day, AOL issued the following statement:

“The TechCrunch acquisition has been a success for AOL and for our shareholders, and we are very excited about its future. Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch has decided to move on from TechCrunch and AOL to his newly formed venture fund. Michael is a world-class entrepreneur and we look forward to supporting his new endeavor through our investment in his venture fund. Erick Schonfeld has been named the editor of TechCrunch. TechCrunch will be expanding its editorial leadership in the coming months.”

Mixed feelings have been expressed by TechCrunch readers all around the globe. Some are glad to see him go, while others admitted that the TechCrunch blog won’t be the same without him.

Arrington has best been known for his crude humor and journalistic troublemaking on TechCrunch. His articles have been criticized by many over the years and his resignation has sparked feelings of wonder across the Internet with regards to what TechCrunch will become without him.

Personally, I was a fan of Arrington’s articles on TechCrunch. As he moves on from the Internet empire he built from scratch in 2005, I know that Arrington will be sadly missed by many readers, including myself.

Recommended Reading:

  • Increasing Your Klout Score
Source: About.com

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