October 23, 2021, 22:23

Amazon Military Program Invades Poland to Poach Best Troops

Amazon Military Program Invades Poland to Poach Best Troops

The ecommerce giant has made its way to Poland with a new recruitment campaign aimed at former military personnel and officers to staff their Polish warehouses.

Boasting “exciting post-military careers” with “limitless possibilities,” Amazon’s Military Leaders Program 2018 is seeking recruits for positions including “front-line manager,” “strategic operations manager,” “senior operations manager,” and more.

“We’re looking for veterans who pushed themselves and succeeded in the most challenging, demanding, elite assignments and training during their time in uniform to similarly challenge themselves at Amazon,” the company’s pitch notes.

The ecommerce company, with a market capitalization of a record $700 billion, demands at least five years of military experience, an excellent military record “demonstrating significant levels of responsibility and leadership in challenging, high operational-tempo assignments,” and fluency in English.

Speaking to Polish media, Amazon Central and Eastern Europe manager Marzena Wieckowska said that troops from the Polish Army or NATO who have “proven themselves as commanders and are familiar with logistics operations” are particularly sought after. The company gives no indication about the salary it will offer applicants, but promises “competitive remuneration and attractive benefits.”

Amazon is heavily involved in supporting the US military-industrial complex, winning the contract to develop the CIA and NSA cloud computing network in 2014, constructing a cloud ‘Secret Region’ for all 17 US intelligence agencies in 2017, and racking up another contract earlier this month for the National Ground Intelligence Agency, which supports US Army Intelligence. Amazon has been accused of using its lucrative military cloud computing deals to undercut its competition.

Source: sputniknews.com

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