February 21, 2020, 13:17

Bitcoin Trades at Record High Above $10,000

Bitcoin Trades at Record High Above $10,000

On Tuesday, November 28, The bitcoin rate on some exchanges already exceeded ten thousand dollars, but later decreased.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, posted a new record value, trading at over $10,000 on Wednesday morning.

At various exchange trading platforms, such as Bitfinex and OKCoin, Bitcoin reached from $10,000 to over $10,900.

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Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies; it has no material form and allow users to make payments for goods and services online. It was introduced in 2009 as an independent alternative to government-backed currencies.

A number of countries of the world have already opened their markets for cryptocurrencies.

The Bank of Russia is currently against settlements in cryptocurrencies, and also against equating them to foreign currencies, seeing in them signs of a “financial pyramid.”

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that it was necessary to regulate cryptocurrencies in such a way as to protect the interests of citizens, business and the state on the one hand, and on the other, not to create unnecessary barriers. Bitcoin’s market cap of over $170 billion is comparable to that of Intel, Toyota Motor or Citigroup.

Source: sputniknews.com

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