October 27, 2021, 0:25

Half of Russia’s US Treasury Bonds Sold in April

Half of Russia’s US Treasury Bonds Sold in April

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Russia sold roughly half of the US Treasury bonds it owned bringing the total to $48 billion, Treasury Department data revealed.

In April, Russia sold $47.5 billion worth of Treasury Bonds, according to the data released on Friday.

The sale puts Russia at 22nd place from 16th in the list of US Treasury bondholders.

The sale comes following the two previous decreases. In March, Russia reduced the amount of US Treasury securities it holds, shedding $1.6 billion of treasury holdings.

In February, Russia reduced its US Treasury bond portfolio by a massive $9.3 billion from the previous months. Previously, Russia had been increasing its treasury holdings, which increased from almost $70 billion in March to more than $92 billion in December.

China has remained the main holder of US bonds, its holding coming to over $1.18 trillion in March. Japan came second, with more than $1.03 trillion.

Source: sputniknews.com

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