August 6, 2020, 11:30

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Taps Up Google Executive to Head Digital Initiative

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Taps Up Google Executive to Head Digital Initiative

New Delhi (Sputnik): Vowing to eradicate corruption, Prime Minister Imran Khan‘s government has launched the “Digital Pakistan” program to digitise the economy, headed by Google executive Tania Aidrus.

In an attempt to overhaul the economy, Pakistan has engaged Google executive Tania Aidrus to lead its ‘Digital Pakistan’ program on Thursday. Aidrus left Pakistan 20 years ago and joined Google in Singapore in 2012.

The ambitious program has been launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan who persuaded Aidrus to lead the plan to work towards a “digitally progressive and inclusive Pakistan”.

Pakistan’s central bank has already started the process of digitising its payment system. Tania Aidrus claimed that a digital payment system will save millions as people/governments spend a huge amount on cash transactions. “It will also eradicate the corruption from the system,” Aidrus added.

​Khan said that his government plans to introduce e-governance in government departments to eradicate corruption.

“E-governance in public sector institutions will help accelerate the processes and provide facilitation to the public,” Khan added while addressing a public function in Islamabad.

According to an official statement, the strategic pillars of the initiative are access and connectivity, digital infrastructure, digital skill and literacy, innovation and entrepreneurship.


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