Prost in the Sky: German Carrier Gets Kegs Aboard to Celebrate Oktoberfest

Prost in the Sky: German Carrier Gets Kegs Aboard to Celebrate Oktoberfest

On September 22, the most famous beer fest kicks off in Munich, which has become a brand mark for the Bavarian capital and Germany. While some are making preparations on the ground, setting tents, benches and tables, others are taking the drinking fest to a completely new level at a 10,000-meter altitude.

The crews of the German company Lufthansa will have put on traditional Bavarian costumes, short-sleeved open breasted blouses with long skirts for women and leather shorts and vests for men, to mark the beginning of Oktoberfest.

​To cities on other continents, including New York and Singapore, they are bringing not only the Bavarian spirit, but also something to cheer for, as they treat passengers with freshly tapped beer from kegs, specifically brought for the occasion aboard.

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​The draft beer is coming back to a 10,000-meter altitude after a 50-year break. The company will use a special airworthy keg with a valve to regulate the carbon dioxide pressure and prevent it from becoming too high on board, which makes tapping possible.

​However, this option will be available only for business class passengers. A traditional Bavarian menu will be offered, including ox tartare with truffles, followed by char with Riesling sauce and Bavarian cream with pistachio pest.


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