April 19, 2021, 22:01

UK Trade Union Slams May’s Brexit Strategy, Threatens to Back Second Referendum

UK Trade Union Slams May’s Brexit Strategy, Threatens to Back Second Referendum

With a no-deal Brexit looking more and more likely, politicians, economists and trade leaders are continuing to pile pressure on Theresa May to hold a second referendum to give the electorate an opportunity to prevent Britain from leaving the EU without a deal in place.


A number of trade unions have urged UK Prime Minister Theresa May to change her Brexit negotiating stance or risk facing increasing support for a fresh vote on Britain’s membership of the EU, allowing the public to decide if a proposed deal is suitable and whether or not they are willing to commit themselves to a no-deal Brexit.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) on Sunday that a hard Brexit would have “devastating” economic implications on many households, adding that they are “serving notice” to PM May over Brexit.  

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Moreover, the TUC, which has over 5 million workers under its network of trade unions and remains an influential force in British politics, said that May’s Chequers plan will also be devastating for many Brits.

The body accused the prime minister of holding Britain “ransom” in negotiations with Brussels by insisting that a hard Brexit is the only alternative to her widely unpopular Chequers proposals.

“And if Theresa May takes a ‘my deal or no deal’ approach, she won’t be giving parliament a real choice. She is holding the country to ransom, and no one voted for that,” General Secretary Frances O’Grady said during the TUC’s 150th congress in Manchester.

“I’m a trade unionist. When we do a deal, we go back to the members and have to get their approval. Whether it’s through a general election or a popular vote, Ms. May should take her deal on the terms of Brexit and put it back to the people, so the people can decide whether that deal is good enough.”

The Chequers proposals were recently described by EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier as “not workable”, insisting that the government needs to alter its stance if it wants to secure a deal.

Furthermore, the Chequers plan has drawn heavy criticism from many UK politicians, including members of the ruling Tory Party, with Boris Johnson and David Davis resigning from their senior cabinet positions earlier this year in protest of the proposals.

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