Bob Staake’s “Our Lady”

On Monday, Notre-Dame, a precious French monument and one of the most beloved cathedrals in the world, went up in… Read More

1 day ago

Canada Has Made Pot Super Boring

The legalization of marijuana has raised a question: How much of the pleasure of the drug came from its illicitness?This… Read More

1 day ago

“Mary Magdalene,” Reviewed: A Sludgy, Trivial Attempt at Revisionist Christian History

Within the confines of the filmmaker’s narrow and dull direction, the actor Rooney Mara, as Mary Magdalene, is left with… Read More

2 days ago

Two Broadway Shows Dismantle the American Myth

Damon Daunno and Rebecca Naomi Jones star in Daniel Fish’s revisionist staging of “Oklahoma!,” which strips the show’s mid-century pluck… Read More

2 days ago

Pete Buttigieg, Vanguard for the Christian Left?

Pete Buttigieg really doesn’t like Vice President Mike Pence. He wants the world to know that his state’s former governor… Read More

3 days ago

The OA and Today’s Secular Prison of Self

Brit Marling is one of the more interesting young filmmakers working today. And like most artists who aspire to something… Read More

3 days ago

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