R.E.M. in the U.S.A.

Begin the Begin: R.E.M.’s Early Years, Robert Dean Lurie, Verse Chorus Press, 288 pages Though their star in our cultural… Read More

16 hours ago

Anthony Bourdain and the Power of Telling the Truth

I have long maintained a theory that Anthony Bourdain—who died on Friday, at the age of sixty-one, of an apparent… Read More

21 hours ago

The Evolution of N.B.A. Draft Fashion

The majestic lapels of Magic Johnson’s 1979 three-piece suit reflected mainstream decadence, his draft class’s group portrait like a meeting… Read More

21 hours ago

Revisiting Judith Krantz’s “Scruples,” a Novel with a Passion for Clothes

The author Judith Krantz, who died over the weekend, at ninety-one, didn’t publish her first novel until middle age, but… Read More

1 day ago

The Death of Simaro Lutumba Closes a Chapter of Congolese Music

The Congolese musician Simaro Lutumba, who died in March, was known simply as the Poet.When the Congolese musician Franco died… Read More

1 day ago

Lil Nas X Is the Sound of the Internet, Somehow

Lil Nas X, whose song “Old Town Road” spent eleven weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100, has shown an Internet… Read More

2 days ago

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