Who is worthy of America’s protection?

The US has made a distinction between Afghan refugees and the other vulnerable populations arriving at America’s doorstep. And it’s… Read More

4 days ago

Democrats still have real options for immigration reform

Democrats’ hopes of including a path to citizenship for the 8 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the US in… Read More

5 days ago

The pandemic changed the trajectory of America’s overdose and suicide crises

After years of steadily moving in tandem, two of America’s worst public health trends diverged during the coronavirus pandemic. Drug… Read More

2 months ago

Time is running out to save Afghans who helped US troops

As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, time is running out to save thousands of Afghans who helped American forces during… Read More

2 months ago

Why it matters that Tucker Carlson is broadcasting from Hungary this week

This week, America’s most watched cable news host is broadcasting from an authoritarian state — not to criticize its leadership… Read More

2 months ago

Biden’s immigration policy isn’t Trump’s — but it’s still a disappointment

When President Joe Biden took office, many immigrant advocates were cautiously optimistic that the tide would be changing for their… Read More

2 months ago

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