February 22, 2020, 23:55

Die-hard Giants fan sobs after mom surprises him with tickets to his 1st game

Die-hard Giants fan sobs after mom surprises him with tickets to his 1st game

Jaidyn Covington, 10, is a die-hard Giants fan, but he lives in Concord, North Carolina, and has never been to a game.

As an early Christmas present, his mom, Emily Covington, surprised him with tickets to see them play at MetLife Stadium — in person. Jaidyn, who absolutely adores Odell Beckham Jr., couldn’t believe his eyes.

After following a trail of clues all day that finally led him to a giant box, he discovered balloons inside that were attached to the tickets. Once he realized what was happening, he began sobbing tears of joy.

“I had no idea he was going to react like that, so it was really special,” Emily Covington, 32, told ABC News. “We knew he’d be excited, but the tears and stuff were pretty surprising. We were taken aback because he normally tries to act like such a macho man.”

The hints leading up to the big surprise started in the morning with a handwritten poem teasing the big reveal.

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Then an unsuspecting Jaidyn received pieces to an airplane puzzle all day – some in his lunch box, some after school – before completing the puzzle with his grandmother. But still, he was confused.

“I was kind of confused about the airplane, but when I opened the box I saw the balloons and the little baggy, so I opened it up and the tickets were there,” Jaidyn said. “First of all, I just saw some players. I thought we were just going to a Panthers game or something. But then I read them and it said the New York Giants versus the Chiefs. That’s when I figured out I was going to New York.”

The excited mother and son flew to New York the next morning and apparently Jaidyn couldn’t stop crying the whole wait to the airport.

“It was really sweet. I’ve never seen him react to something like that,” his mom said. “He’s not a big crier or a super emotional kid.”

The two of them had the time of their lives watching the Giants beat the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime.

“I’ll never forget this,” said Jaidyn.

Source: abcnews.go.com

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