September 22, 2021, 13:31

Meet the family whose over-the-top Halloween decorations are a ‘nightmare’

Meet the family whose over-the-top Halloween decorations are a ‘nightmare’

The Willis family from Knoxville, Tennessee, doesn’t skimp on the scariness when it comes to their annual Halloween decorations.

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Gannon and Kate Willis said it takes about two days to cover every inch of their house in spooky skulls and skeleton set-ups.

“It’s my job to do the outside, and then my wife does the inside,” Gannon Willis said on “Good Morning America” today while giving a tour of his home.

The Willis FamilyThe Willis family in Knoxville, Tenn., always go all-out with their spooky Halloween decorations.

As if the enormous spider on the front of the house and the smoking black wolves at the front door don’t make for enough of an ominous entrance, Gannon Willis also showed off his office, which is covered in ghoulish goblins of all kinds.

“It’s a nightmare to try to get all the work done,” he joked.

The Willis Family Spooky decorations cover the Halloween-obsessed family’s mantle.

The proud dad also showed off the family’s “not-so-living room,” where he introduced the “GMA” audience to the rest of his family.

“This is the reason we do most of this,” Gannon Willis said of his kids and stepkids. “It’s all been about family. My parents did it when I was younger and they always decorated the house up for years and years. Kate always does a wonderful job here on the inside and we hope the kids pass along the tradition and do it when they get older with their kids.”

The Willis FamilySkulls and skeletons line the Willis family’s TV room in Knoxville, Tenn.

Gannon Willis said their family definitely takes the cake in their neighborhood for over-the-top Halloween decorations each year.

“There’s a few pumpkins, haystacks and scarecrows, but anything like this, we’re the only ones to do it like this in our neighborhood,” he explained.

The Willis FamilyPumpkins, witches and black cat cutouts decorate the Willis family’s lawn in Knoxville, Tenn.

The family even invites trick-or-treaters inside for a full tour, if they dare.

“On Halloween, usually the younger kids won’t come all the way to the door, so our kids will go down to the driveway and hand them candy down there,” Gannon Willis said. “As it gets a little bit darker and the older kids come in, we’ll let them walk all the way through the entire house inside and pick up their candy on the way out.”

The Willis FamilyA life-sized skeleton greets trick-or-treaters inside the front door.

His favorite part is when the high-school-age kids arrive, however.

“We get a leaf blower on the side of the house and scare them as they come around the corner,” he added with a laugh.


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