September 27, 2021, 20:42

Mom and daughters go viral with matching outfits

Mom and daughters go viral with matching outfits

A U.K. mom and her daughters have become Instagram stars for their fashionable — and coordinated — outfits.

Dominique Davis, 31, and her daughters, Penny, 4, and Amelia, 11, post a photo each Sunday that shows them in matching clothes, often down to their hairstyles.

The tradition began last year when Davis, a blogger, dressed herself and Penny in striped shirts and put their hair in messy buns.

Davis’s older daughter, Amelia, then walked out of her bedroom in the exact same look.

“The next week we thought we’d do another one,” Davis, of Durham, England, told ABC News. “We got 14,000 likes and we thought we’d make it a weekly series.”

In the dozens of weeks since, Davis and her daughters have dressed as Mary Poppins, in 1960s-style dresses and with curlers in their hair.

“We try and keep them relevant to what we’ve done that week or events we have coming up or trends that we like,” Davis said. “We try to keep it in line with what’s happening with our lives at the moment.”

The photos are taken by Davis’ boyfriend, Dominic McCann.

Davis said she has noticed her daughters expand their creativity and silliness in the weekly ritual.

She also appreciates the time they get to spend together, and the memories they have photographed forever.

“It started off as just something fun and something we enjoyed doing every week but I realized as the weeks went on that I had this weekly account of my girls,” Davis said. “It’s like our family photo album but just a bit more creative.”


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