September 25, 2020, 14:28

Teen shares emotional letter found hours after her mother’s death

Teen shares emotional letter found hours after her mother’s death

One teen who lost her mother after a battle with cancer was comforted after she read a letter her mother penned to her months before her passing.

Hannah Summers told ABC News her older sister found the letters Peggy Summers wrote to each of her children hours after her death last Tuesday. Peggy Summers, who was diagnosed with cancer last July, was 55.

The letters, which Peggy wrote to each of her three children and her husband, Timothy Summers, were placed on her dresser tucked behind her jewelry box, Hannah Summers said.

“She actually wrote them in June, but we didn’t find them until Tuesday night,” Hannah Summers detailed.

And when Hannah Summers, 18, read what her mother wrote, which she admitted was “really hard to read,” she became “really emotional,” she said.

The letter not only shared the well-wishes Peggy Summers had for her youngest child, but also gave her solid advice as she transitions to adulthood.

“Hannah, if you are reading this then the surgery did not go well,” the letter began. “Please don’t be mad, bad things happen in life and we have to learn to deal with it no matter how much it hurts.”

Along with telling her daughter to “be patient with dad, this is going to be hard on him,” Peggy Summers also told her daughter to “remember, you have a lot of people who love you, so talk to them often.”

She then gave Hannah Summers advice such as, “if you can carpool to school do it, stay away from parties because they are usually bad, not all boys are bad but most will tell you anything to try to get you to do things.”

The letter ended with Peggy Summers writing, “Enjoy life and live each day as if it is your last because none of us know if today will be the last. And most of all remember that I Love You more than you will ever know!”

Peggy Summers, who was a special education teacher’s aide before she passed away, signed her typed letter with the word “mom” written in her own handwriting.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana, teen said reading the letter gave her closure.

“It made me smile because it seemed so much like my mom,” Hannah Summers continued. “She was already really worried about me. I’m her baby.”

Hannah Summers said she decided to share the heartfelt letter on Twitter Thursday, where it has now amassed more than 92,000 retweets, to remind people to cherish their parents.


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