January 26, 2020, 12:53

The Wirecutter’s top picks for strollers

The Wirecutter’s top picks for strollers

Navigating the endless options available in the stroller market can be overwhelming for many new parents, so “Good Morning America” teamed up with product review site the Wirecutter to find out its top picks for transporting little ones everywhere you go.

The Wirecutter tried out 59 full-size strollers to help parents narrow down the best stroller options available and published its full list of top picks on its website today.

“It’s important for us to figure out what’s the most important things for parents, and find the best one,” Wirecutter editor Winnie Yang told ABC News of the methodology.

Sonjia Hyon, a writer for the Wirecutter, walked more than 100 miles total with the nine finalists, pushing the strollers through city terrain and seeing how they fared on stairs.

The Wirecutter’s team also lugged the strollers along in cars and planes to assess their portability, and then put them through an obstacle course, with a baby on board.

Here are the Wirecutter’s top full-size stroller picks:

The runner-up: The Britax A-Gile stroller

Price: $169.

The top pick: The City Mini stroller

Price: $221.

Hyon said that this stroller was especially easy to collapse, saying, “All you need to do is just pull it, there is no additional stuff.”

The premium upgrade pick: The Uppababy Cruz

Price: $500.

For those looking to splurge on a stroller, the Wirecutter’s top pick was the Uppababy Cruz model. Yang added that if you are going to invest in a stroller, it is important to remember that your child is going to grow, and you should take that into account prior to making your stroller purchase.

“It should be able to carry a child from when they’re a newborn to a toddler,” Yang said.

Here are the Wirecutter’s top umbrella, or foldable, stroller picks:

The top pick: The Summer Infant 3D Lite

Price: $79.99.
This stroller delivers on all of the Wirecutter’s basic requirements, and costs and weighs less than most of its high-end competitors, reviewers found.

The premium upgrade pick: The Joovy Groove Ultralight

Price: $199.99.

This model can stand up on its own while folded and is packed with other features usually only found on a full-size stroller, according to the Wirecutter.

The Wirecutter’s full buying guide for strollers is available on its website. The Wirecutter does get a percentage of money from retailers on strollers sold through the links on its site.

Source: abcnews.go.com

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