December 15, 2019, 2:35

WATCH: Fireball Streaks Over Norwegian Mountains

WATCH: Fireball Streaks Over Norwegian Mountains

Phone lines for the Norwegian police were slammed with 30 calls in a matter of minutes on November 16 as residents called to report a “white light in the sky,” a Norwegian county police official told The Local.

“It was crazy,” said Stian Mathisen, who lives in Norway. “At first it looked like a normal shooting star. Then there were lights in all different colours.”

Expert Morten Bilet of the Norwegian Meteor Network said “there’s no doubt it was a large stone, a meteorite heading towards the mountains,” adding that such extraterrestrial objects “shine so brightly they are called fireballs.”

A cosmonaut on the International Space Station was able to capture footage of the meteor as well, but it takes a keen eye to see it from space, according to a European Space Agency blog post.

​Nespoli “was lucky enough to capture a fast fireball falling to Earth over the Atlantic, off the South Africa west coast — look closely in the video below between 00:07 and 00:08 seconds [at upper right in the frame].” The ISS was traveling toward Kazakhstan from the southern Atlantic Ocean when the time-lapse photos were captured before being compiled into a video.




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