September 21, 2021, 22:24

5 ways football fans spent their time during a delay to a cup draw

5 ways football fans spent their time during a delay to a cup draw

The Carabao Cup draw this evening didn’t go exactly as planned.

Due to begin live at 4pm, viewers were left staring at a holding screen for 25 minutes before the sponsors tweeted that the draw had been put back until 5pm due to a “minor technical glitch at Twitter HQ”.

Eventually, a pre-recorded draw arrived on the Carabao Cup’s feed – at 5.50pm.

Talk about the delays to the cup draw started trending on Twitter, and from the looks of what was said – here’s what people were getting up to.

1. Making draws of their own

Legions of fans were so aggrieved by the ordeal they decided to take matters into their own hands and host draws of their own.

He’s efficient, you’ve got to give him that.

2. Sharing benign achievements

Perhaps the best response though came from a fan of Bristol City – the lowest ranked team left in the competition – who shared that he’d managed to change a nappy and two light bulbs while waiting.

Soon enough, others followed suit.

3. Harbouring conspiracy theories

Naturally, some thought something smelt fishy about all these delays – with some believing it was all a ruse to make sure certain teams face each other.

4. Reminiscing about Sir Rod Stewart

In case you don’t recall, Sir Rod Stewart helped with the Scottish Cup draw early this year. It was such a memorable appearance that “Rod Stewart” began trending on Twitter in the UK as many looked back on it fondly during tonight’s draw.

In case you don’t recall it – here it is in all its brilliance.

5. Preparing a tweet for Jose Mourinho

One man who will have followed the carnage of the draw more closely than any other is Bristol City coach Lee Johnson – who found out his team face a trip to Old Trafford.

Here’s what he had to say to his Manchester United counterpart Jose Mourinho.

A Hollywood-style clash and a drink with one of the biggest names in football? It’s definitely worth a try Lee.

The Robins are the only Championship side left in the competition, and clinched their place in the last eight with a 4-1 victory over Crystal Palace on Tuesday.

West Ham, who came from 2-0 down to beat Tottenham 3-2 on Wednesday night, will travel to Arsenal in the last eight. Meanwhile, Chelsea host Bournemouth and Manchester City travel to Leicester in a draw which was delayed by almost two hours.


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