September 24, 2020, 6:14

Dave Allen vs Fabio Wardley? The White Rhino warns: There is ‘no way’ he can beat me.

Dave Allen vs Fabio Wardley? The White Rhino warns: There is ‘no way’ he can beat me.

Fabio Wardley settled his war of words with Simon Vallily by landing a big left hook

Dave Allen has issued a stern warning to unbeaten prospect Fabio Wardley, insisting “if he boxes me in the next 12 months he will get knocked out”.

Wardley racked up his ninth win in a row at the first week of Fight Camp before he and his manager, Dillian Whyte, publicly targeted Allen.

‘The White Rhino’ Allen, a former opponent of Whyte’s, told Sky Sports: “The Wardley fight is the next big fight that I believe I’ll be in.

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Whyte beat Allen now wants his protege Wardley to face him

‘I felt punch perfect’

“He’s a really good talent. The sooner that fight happens for me, the better. I’d like one or two beforehand because he is really sharp, and I’d like to be sharper.

“I’ve sparred Fabio. He is a very confident man. But I’m a very physically strong man.

“I sit here and smile, and he would have the same confidence. But there’s no way he can beat me. No way. No chance.

“His team around him will know that.

“I only wish him the best. But if he boxes me in the next 12 months he will get knocked out.”

Whyte previously said about his protégé Wardley: “We want all the smoke. Fabio is young and inexperienced so we will be wise.

“I’d like him to fight Dave Allen at the end of the year or next year.”

Wardley added: “Sounds good to me. Dillian knows me – we’re here for anyone. We’re fit all year round. Anyone can get it.

“I proved [by beating Simon Vallily earlier this month] that I’m a class above where some people had me. I can show boxing skills, I can box with some big names. Now it’s about putting me in with them.”

Allen is just three years older than Wardley but has had 16 more fights. He has shared a ring with far more experienced opponents than Wardley’s – including Whyte, Luis Ortiz, Lucas Browne and David Price.

Povetkin wanted to spar with Allen

Allen had accepted an offer to spar with Alexander Povetkin, who fights Whyte on August 22 live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Although that has been curtailed due to logistics, he believes that accepting Povetkin’s request for help is proof of a new ruthless streak.

“I’ve become more selfish,” he said. “I agreed to spar Povetkin. I have to be selfish if I’m going to get to the levels that I want.

“I thought: ‘He’s fighting Whyte. Shall I do it?’

“Then I thought: ‘I’ve got one career, I get one bite at this. Povetkin is the best small heavyweight of my era. I’ve got to go!’

“Two or three years ago I would have said: ‘Sorry I can’t because Whyte is my mate’.

“My last two trainers have told me that I have the ability to be the best heavyweight in the world. I’m not sure I believe that or share the same confidence.

“But there’s very few heavyweights in the world that I wouldn’t fancy beating.

“I know people will laugh at that. People will think I’m deluded. That’s fine. I’ve realised you have be a little bit deluded and selfish if you want to get to the top.”


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