Freddie Ljungberg laughs off criticism from Paul Scholes for failing to wear suit

Freddie Ljungberg laughs off criticism from Paul Scholes for failing to wear suit

Freddie Ljungberg laughed off criticism he received from Paul Scholes for failing to wear a suit during his first match in charge of Arsenal, joking it was still “at the dry cleaners”.

Former Manchester United midfielder Scholes said earlier this week he thought Ljungberg should have worn a “shirt and tie to show some discipline” for his opening match as interim head coach at Norwich on Sunday.

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Scholes said: “You would think he’d be out in a suit to show a bit of proudness that he took the job”, before suggesting the Swede is not “the right man”.

However, speaking ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Brighton, Ljungberg was asked about his choice of outfit and laughed off Scholes’ comments.

“That’s extremely important,” Ljungberg said sarcastically. “It happened so quickly that the suit was at the dry cleaners and I couldn’t get it ready!

“I’ve seen in the Premier League coaches with a tracksuit, I’ve seen coaches with a suit and I’ve seen coaches with a sweater so I’ll decide on matchday which one I will use.

“I haven’t been fitted for a club suit but I can’t really see that that’s a discussion. I will make sure you will know what I wear.”

Ljungberg wants good atmosphere at Emirates

Both Unai Emery and the Arsenal players were jeered off the Emirates pitch in games towards the end of the Spaniard’s reign.

Ljungberg wants the atmosphere at the Emirates to improve, but knows the only way this can be done is by good performances.

He said: “I think the only way to change the atmosphere in the stadium is the way you play.

“I think the fans were amazing against Norwich, I felt they got more and more energy the more we played in the first half.

“It felt like we were on top of Norwich and I think Arsenal fans get energy from that. They were great, even when we went 1-0 down and 2-1 down, they were louder and that helped us.

“When it comes to the Emirates, the fans want us to win football games and they want us to play good football.

“The only way to try and get a good atmosphere is to try and achieve that. If that’s me or if that’s someone else as a coach, I don’t think that really matters.”

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