August 19, 2019, 5:01

How to become a professional footballer – part 2

How to become a professional footballer – part 2

Can Smithy make through Jamie Velocity's drills?

I’m Soccer AM’s Adam Smith, and my dream was always to become a professional footballer. Luckily for me, I teamed up with Shell V Power, Shell’s best performance fuel, and BMW M to see if I had what it takes to perform as a pro.

Jamie Velocity, one of the country’s best individual performance coaches was going to be putting me through a series of rigorous tests and scoring me against his professional athletes to see what I am really made of. Gulp.

Having spent three days with celebrity mentors – presenter Jodie Kidd, You Tube star Sam Fane and British Touring Car Driver Colin Turkington – and getting some useful hints and tips on how to perform at my best, I was ready. Well, as ready as I’m ever likely to be for Jamie Velocity.

As part of the preparation for the challenge, my three celebrity mentors were all passengers in the brand new BMW M5 and they all gave me some fascinating insights about what it’s like to perform under pressure. Jodie’s many career paths taught her that preparation and practice is key, Sam Fane stressed the importance of a positive mental attitude and Colin Turkington told me about his pre-race visualisation techniques which involved talking to himself and envisaging success. I used this as an excuse to keep telling myself that “I am the man” at every given opportunity.

Powered by Shell V-Power and the BMW M5, I had also learned the benefits of their Shell V-Power fuel.

It’s like this: A nutritious diet helps athletes to perform. It is similar with your car’s engine. New Shell V-Power fuels with boosted DYNAFLEX Technology are designed to help restore your engine’s performance.*

With my knowledge of what makes a great performance at the front of my mind I arrived at The Velocity Training Club on a cold Monday morning and, having taken Jodie’s advice on board, ensured I was well rested and well fuelled with a big carb meal before I was put under the spotlight. What instantly hit me in Jamie’s gym was the number of signed sports shirts on the wall with personalised messages from the likes of Ronaldo, John Terry and Hector Bellerin saying things like “thanks for making me a better player” and “Jamie, you’re the best in the business.” I immediately felt massively out of place – haha!

In between training Antony Joshua for his world heavyweight title fight, Jamie had drawn up a series of drills for me and it was time to take to the field. Jamie set out three challenges to assess my agility, skill, finishing and endurance. There was a benchmark time or score for each challenge based on what his professional athletes achieve. To put this into perspective, Jamie had just been working with Manchester United and England’s Marcus Rashford the week prior on the exact same agility drill – no pressure then. I was pushed to my absolute performance limit and my fitness (or lack of) proved to be one of my biggest hurdles on the day.

Throughout the course of the day, I was given a glimpse from Jamie of just how dedicated these Premier League players are and what struck me the most was how much time and effort they put in on a daily basis after hours to perfect and continuously improve their game. Jamie also echoed my celebrity mentors’ advice when stressing the importance of my mental state as well as my physical state, something he said was of pivotal importance in order to perform at my best. There was no hiding place, here I was on the field with cameras, drones, stopwatches, footballs, obstacles and one of the country’s best coaches and I was about to find out if I had what it takes to make it as a Pro….wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

Watch the video at the top of the article to see how I performed and if I matched up!

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