September 27, 2021, 22:27

International Rules medical team hope to avoid travel bug ahead of first test

International Rules medical team hope to avoid travel bug ahead of first test

The Ireland International Rules medical team have taken necessary measures to ensure no player is laid low by a travel bug for Sunday’s first test against Australia, writes John Fogarty.

Team physio and former Tyrone star Enda McGinley revealed that a small number of players suffered vomiting and diarrhoea symptoms. It comes as manager Joe Kernan already had slight injury concerns about Gary Brennan and Paul Geaney.

Affected players had been quarantined but there were high spirits as Ireland took to the Glenelg beach shortly after arriving in Adelaide before attending a welcome function by the local Irish community this evening.

Joe Kernan

“Three or four others along with myself have been affected by one of those problems that is associated with long-haul flights,” McGinley told BBC Northern Ireland.

“Around 48-72 hours after we arrived some of us starting coming down with a bug.

“It is obviously far from ideal with the test match coming up this Sunday. Players that are affected have been given single rooms and everybody has individual water bottles, so all the steps that can be taken, are being taken.

“We are fairly confident that nobody will have to sit out at this stage. Hopefully, we will get over it and limit its spread as it’s one of those things that can affect touring parties.

“This year’s squad is quite limited, we’ve only taken 23 players which isn’t a lot so we can’t afford to be missing anybody, especially given the conditions.”

Donegal team doctor Kevin Moran is the squad medic and is supervising the situation although no player is expected to miss out on Sunday’s game in the Adelaide Oval by the illness.

After the squad experienced unseasonably cool weather in Melbourne, temperatures are hitting the mid-30s in Adelaide, which McGinley accepts will affect Ireland more so than the Australians.

Up to Wednesday, Clare midfielder Brennan hadn’t taken part in collective training while Geaney hurt a thigh when taking a mark in Wednesday’s practice game in Melbourne and was taken off immediately as a precaution. Both, though, should be fit to play a part on Sunday.


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