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Ireland 1, Denmark 5: Check out how a nightmare night unfolded for Ireland in the Aviva

Ireland 1, Denmark 5: Check out how a nightmare night unfolded for Ireland in the Aviva

Well that didn’t quite go to plan but once again Irish fans have shown they will never lose their unique spirit and sense of humour.

To mark an emotional night for Irish soccer we recorded tonight’s action in our own unique way … using some funny and inspirational tweets which caught our eye.

Why not check out how things unfolded in our own take on the night’s events …

85 MINS PLUS: Ireland 1 – Denmark 5 

This last tweet about sums it up …

** 89 mins: A disappointing night ends with converted Nicolas Bendtner penalty.


75 – 85 MINS: Ireland 1 – Denmark 4 

History providing little consolation …

But we still have our humour 🙂

And good grace in defeat…


Although some fans are obviously a little angry …

65 – 75 MINS:  Ireland 1 – Denmark 4

**73 mins: It gets worse as Eriksen scores hat-trick to hammer another nail 


To right …

55- 65 MINS: Ireland 1 – Denmark 3

The Danes celebrate 

The Irish deflate


** 62 mins: Eriksen scores second to all but end Ireland’s World cup dreams.

Fair point 😉

Positive signs for Ireland as Christie goes close but … 

45-55 MINS: Ireland 1 – Denmark 2

Ireland force two corners in opening 10 but Danes looking comfortable …

Crowd find their voice again and fans starting to see things in a more positive light in opening minutes of half!!!

Wes Holohan and Aidan McGeady on for Ireland. No changes for Denmark …


And here’s what the coaches on the couch would do …

The stats don’t lie – unfortunately!

Come on Martin, get this on the big screen in the changing room. Never more apt

It started so well … 


40 MINS PLUS: Ireland 1 – Denmark 2

First half drawing to a close and not a lot of positivity around on the twitter machine 


30 – 40 MINS: Ireland 1 – Denmark 2

Right … come on Ireland!

Two tweets that sum up how we are all feeling after that goal.

** 31 mins: Denmark take lead with Eriksen scorcher.

Denmark’s Christian Eriksen scores their second goal. Photo: INPHO/James Crombie

20 – 30 MINS: Ireland 1- Denmark 1

** 29 mins: Denmark equalise 

10 – 20 MINS: Ireland 1- Denmark 0

Chances both ends so nerves frayed … 


0 – 10 MINS: Ireland 1- Denmark 0

** 4 mins: Shane Duffy scores  to put Ireland 1-0 up.

Shane Duffy scores Ireland’s first goal. Photo: Seb Daly/Sportsfile

Fans were delighted!

One person made this point, however…


Very good 🙂

If it comes down to pens …

On a more serious note here’s MON’s pre match thoughts …  

Only an Irish fan can work a Fr Ted gif into his analysis 🙂

A pre-match homage to the new character limits on Twitter …

Will Wes non-selection be the story of the match?

David Meyler returns and other reaction to the team news … 

Some on street pre-match analysis …

Credit, where credit’s due – RTE sport have set the scene nicely

Source: breakingnews.ie

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