April 13, 2021, 0:10

Jamie Redknapp attends new all-weather pitch opening at Leatherhead

Jamie Redknapp attends new all-weather pitch opening at Leatherhead

Jamie Redknapp attended the opening of Leatherhead FC's new all-weather pitch,funded by the Premier League, the FA and delivered by the Football Foundation.

Jamie Redknapp showed his support for grassroots football by helping to open a new all-weather pitch at non-league side Leatherhead FC on Sunday.

The pitch was funded by the Premier League and the FA Facilities Fund and delivered by the Football Foundation to help develop grassroots football in the UK.

Redknapp joined children and members of the club for the launch, as he highlighted the importance of funding at grassroots level.

“At the top level of the Premier League people that are doing their jobs now realise the benefits that it’s given for the young players,” the former England and Liverpool midfielder said.

“They’ve done it in Spain for many years, where they’ve got these AstroTurf pitches giving the kids an opportunity to get as much ball time as they can, getting out there and practising.

“That’s what a facility like this does.

“The more places like this that pop up, the more opportunities we are going to give young players and the better the England team will be for the years to come.”

Benefits of the all-weather pitch will no-doubt be felt as the winter months approach.

“Obviously so many games get cancelled once the winter starts, if the weather is no good and the pitches get too boggy, but with a facility like this you’re never going to have any games that are going to be missed,” Redknapp said.

“The surface is great – I’ve been on it a few times myself with the Dads versus the kids. You can’t beat it.”

Watch the video above to see Redknapp help open Leatherhead FC’s new all-weather pitch…

Source: skysports.com

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