Joshua vs Pulev: Chris Kongo says Florian Marku turned down his offer to fight on Anthony Joshua bill

Joshua vs Pulev: Chris Kongo says Florian Marku turned down his offer to fight on Anthony Joshua bill

Chris Kongo had called for a fight against Florian Marku

Chris Kongo says Florian Marku’s fearsome reputation has been ruined after his Albanian rival did not agree to fight him on the Anthony Joshua-Kubrat Pulev bill.

The south London welterweight had issued a challenge on social media after Marku needed a new opponent on the undercard for Joshua’s world heavyweight title fight against Pulev on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Kongo was willing to step in on four days’ notice to meet Marku at a catchweight, a few pounds above the 147lb limit, but his offer was not accepted.

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Marku features on the undercard for Joshua vs Pulev

“One hundred per cent I want this fight, I hope Chris Kongo doesn’t change his mind,” insisted Marku when speaking to Sky Sports.

“He tweeted yesterday that I’m ready, let’s take it, and we post ‘okay, make the weight and let’s fight.’

“He said no, I can’t make the weight. I need one and a half kilo up.

“All my fights have been at 147, because I want to small gloves, eight ounces. This is the limit for these gloves. With these gloves, I feel like I have bombs in my hands, that’s why I want to wear these gloves when I fight.”

But Kongo has questioned Marku’s desire for the fight, telling Sky Sports: “They have said he’s a monster, but he’s more like a hamster and he’s gone online and squeaked that they will only take the fight at 147lbs.

Kongo sealed a stoppage victory over Luther Clay in the summer

“This is not a championship fight, this is a six round, routine, keep-busy fight, with only a few days’ notice for me.

“For the Luther Clay fight, I was 145lbs, so I was well under the weight limit, and look what I done. People are calling him a beast or whatever, so why don’t you give away three pounds for a fight that’s not a championship bout.

“He isn’t really a beast, he’s a coward. Apparently, he only wants to fight in 8oz gloves so won’t go an ounce over 147. What’s that all about? He fought Tommy Broadbent at over 150lbs last year. He clearly has no confidence in his power or ability.

“That fight with Marku can happen early next year as I’m looking to move on to far more credible opposition. I’m more than ready. In fact, I said to Eddie I’d be happy to fight him at 147lbs next week in Italy.”

Kongo had first called for a clash against Marku on last weekend’s Billy Joe Saunders show, but believes the London-based southpaw will be forced to take the fight due to growing public demand.

“It’s pretty obvious they didn’t really want the fight,” he said. “When we were looking for a fight on the Billy Joe Saunders undercard, we couldn’t get no one, and we saw that he was ready. We tried to make the fight then at 147lbs and they weren’t interested.

“It’s put him in a position where later down the line, the fight now has to happen. Now everybody is looking – and they want to see this fight.

Kongo plans to settle his feud with Marku in the near future

“Fighters are trying to keep their unbeaten records. They are all trying to be Floyd Mayweather, but I’m willing to risk my record against anyone. I don’t care about the 0 on my record, I just want the big fights, the big names, and just to keep moving all the way to world level.

“Anyway, Marku’s fighting Jamie Stewart, a two-fight novice ranked 566 in the world. Enough said.”

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