August 6, 2020, 13:11

Liverpool vs Manchester: Which City wins? Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher battle it out

Liverpool vs Manchester: Which City wins? Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher battle it out

Who has the better music, TV, nightlife… and footballers? Liverpool or Manchester? Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher go head-to-head for their city.

Ahead of Liverpool’s meeting with Manchester United on Super Sunday, we asked two pundits who know a thing or two about both cities…


Carra: Nothing can beat the Beatles, so next one!

Nev: It’s so predictable he would come out with the Beatles! Liverpool has produced some great music, and The Beatles are one of the most famous bands of all time. But as a collective music scene, I’d say Manchester is stronger. Oasis. Stone Roses. The Charlatans.

Carra: No. Oasis wanted to be The Beatles!


Nev: Coronation Street. End of. The longest-running soap, an institution in this country.

Carra: Boys from The Blackstuff. Bread. Hollyoaks. Brookside! But I can let you have Coronation Street…

Football managers

Carra: Oh, it’s easy. How many do you need? You’ve only got two! People talk about Manchester United being this great club, they’ve had two great managers. Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson. Other than that? Absolutely nothing!

Nev: For what they achieved, being at the club for 25 years each, it has to be those two, surely?

Carra: Why? Did they dominate Europe? Has a Manchester United manager every dominated Europe? No. Bob Paisley did.

Best night out

Carra: It has to be Liverpool, surely! How boring is Manchester?!

Nev: Manchester’s dance scene was world-renowned for about 15 years! I don’t think you can compete with that from a Liverpool point of view.

Carra: The Cream! Everybody from all over the country would go to The Cream!

Best footballer

Carra: Steven Gerrard!

Nev: Ryan Giggs!

Carra: Giggs won a lot more than Gerrard. Gerrard was a better player than Ryan Giggs.

Football pundits

Carra: Well I’ve just won pundit of the year. Finished, next question!


Nev: Harvey Nicholas, Sefridges, Arndale and Trafford Centre. No debate!

Carra: Go on then, you can have it!

Best European comeback

Nev: It’s ours. 1-0 down in injury time?

Carra: Nothing will ever beat Istanbul. It’s talked about all over the world. It was voted the best comeback!


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