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‘My ears might fall off!’ Daniel, 8, excited to be Ireland’s mascot tonight at the Aviva

‘My ears might fall off!’ Daniel, 8, excited to be Ireland’s mascot tonight at the Aviva

Daniel Bracken, 8, is very excited for Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Denmark at the Aviva.

Daniel lost his grandad to cancer and recently his mum was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She has been very unwell and has been in hospital for the last two weeks.

Last week Daniel’s aunt Debbie wrote to Ray D’Arcy to try and make Daniel’s dream come true: to be a mascot for the Irish team tonight at the Aviva Stadium.

    Here’s Debbie’s letter:

    Hi Ray,

    I know this maybe a long shot but if it’s possible I think you can help.

    I’m emailing about my 8 year old nephew Daniel Bracken. He lost his Granddad Gerry our Dad 2 years ago from cancer. He was devastated as they were such good buddies, Daniel is the only boy in our family and they had such a special bond.

    Last year his mammy was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Our Worlds were again turned upside down by cancer; his only experience of cancer was losing his Granddad.

    His little world has changed and he has never once complained. He has thrown himself into one of his Granddads’ passions, football. He plays it, watches it, and collects match attacks and talks about it nonstop.

    His mammy has been in hospital for the last 2 weeks very ill and Daniel has been amazing to her and us..Giving her his favourite teddy, nonstop cuddles and basically just been an amazing boy.

    He makes us laugh all the time and reminds us so much of Dad. His Granddad would be so proud. I was thinking what would make him and my sister happy and put a smile on his face…

    I would love if he could be a mascot for Ireland on Tuesday night for the match against Denmark. I know this would be the most amazing thing to happen to him and my sister would be so proud.

    So Ray it’s over to you…I may be asking the impossible but worth a shot.



Three, sponsors of the Irish team, were listening and they have now made his dream a reality giving him #TheCallUp.

Daniel told Ray how excited he was, saying that he had the hiccups on the way up in the car.

“Ireland are gonna win! When I come back in from holding the players hands and singing the Irish anthem, my head’s gonna burst,” Daniel said.

Daniel and his aunt joined Ray in studio this afternoon, where Ray gave him a present from Three, a signed Irish jersey.

Daniel told Ray of his game plan for the team which he hopes to share with them in the tunnel.

“We’re going to let Denmark attack a little bit and we’re gonna stay in defensive and then they might get a bit tired and then Ireland are gonna make their attack and then we’ve a better chance of scoring.”

You can watch it here:

Source: breakingnews.ie

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