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Nat Sciver’s Ashes Diary: England Women’s star answers YOUR Twitter questions

Nat Sciver’s Ashes Diary: England Women’s star answers YOUR Twitter questions

Nat Sciver blogs on England keeping the Women’s Ashes alive, the all-important T20s, and some spectacular Australia scenery, plus answers YOUR Twitter questions!

We were obviously very happy to draw the Women’s Ashes Test in the end, given what could have been a very difficult day four.

It was a great effort by Heather Knight and Georgia Elwiss, even if I did get pad rash after waiting with my pads on for about 100 overs!

It was a great occasion to be a part of, and the atmosphere on the Saturday evening – even if it was because Ellyse Perry was scoring her 200 – was really special.

We’ve got a big task to win our last three T20s but importantly we’ve still got a chance – we’re looking at it as a quarter-final, a semi-final and then a final.

Had we lost the final ODI we’d have been so up against it – and we’d have been out of it if we’d lost the Test – so it’s genuinely exciting to know it’s still in our hands, even if it’s a tall order.

We also visited the Governor-General’s house ahead of our game against the Governor-General’s XI on Wednesday and you’ve got to say that is some back garden! Check out those views!

Anyway, on to your Twitter questions for me…

Harkirat Khehra (@Harkirat_26) – Who’s your funniest team-mate?

NAT SAYS: We’ve got quite a few players who are funny – some who you laugh with and one or two who you’re more laughing at! Alex Hartley, Danni Wyatt and Sophie Ecclestone can sometimes be funny when they don’t really mean it but I’d probably say Lauren Winfield is the funniest – she’s got a quick sense of humour.

Tommo Newton (@TommoNewtonSJ) – Who’s got the worst banter in the team?

NAT SAYS: Hard question! I don’t think anyone has bad banter really. We get on well and obviously there are lots of different personalities and different types of humour. I wouldn’t want to say anyone was bad, I feel like I’d be being too mean.

Harkirat Khehra (@Harkirat_26) – How awesome it is to have invented a shot and have it named after you? #NatMeg

NAT SAYS: Ha, it’s very awesome! It’s weird, it’s not something I thought about too much but then I played it in the World Cup and everyone started talking about. I think sometimes the coaches would rather I just hit it back down the ground but because I’ve got a wide stance and am quite tall it makes sense to play it sometimes, on instinct.

Nat shows off her famous Natmeg shot during the Kia Super League semi-final between Surrey Stars and Western Storm…

OldTaylorIsDead (@malavika21) – Ever considered opening the batting? How difficult is it changing style from Test to T20?

NAT SAYS: Opening the batting is not something I’ve done very regularly, I’m more used to batting in the middle order. I started further down the order for England and I have moved up as my career has progressed. There are different challenges to batting in different places in the order (the ball may be harder, you may have different types of bowlers or different fields) but basically you’re always looking to do the same thing.

Simon Oliver (@RedskinsUK21) – What advice would you give to a 10-year-old district player that would help her to continue to develop her skills?

NAT SAYS: Keep working hard, get involved in every aspect of the game and enjoy it! Sometimes when you’re really desperate in sports you can forget to have fun but it’s a massive part of it and it’s why we all love what we do so much. There’s no substitute for hard work, that’s how you get better, but if you remember to smile and enjoy it you’ll probably find it easier to improve as a player. Good luck!

OldTaylorIsDead (@malavika21) – Coming in as world champions, did you guys feel pressure to win back the Ashes, especially playing in Australia?

NAT SAYS: There’s always pressure when you play cricket and this series was always going to be huge. I don’t think winning the World Cup changed much, to be honest. We always knew Australia was going to be a really tough challenge – especially in a multi-format series – and that we’d have to work really hard. Winning the World Cup was obviously good for our confidence but this was a different challenge in a different country.

Usman Haider (@usmanhaider55) – Who is your all-time favourite sport personality?

NAT SAYS: Oooh, tricky one. I played loads of sports growing up and I just loved having a go at anything so I’m not sure who I most looked up to. I’d have to say David Beckham.

Alex White (@AlexBrianWhite) – Why are you so awesome?

NAT SAYS: I’m not sure I can answer that!

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