April 19, 2019, 18:18

No-one enjoyed the World Cup draw more than Brazilian legend Cafu

No-one enjoyed the World Cup draw more than Brazilian legend Cafu

Cafu has always enjoyed the World Cup – being the only man to appear in three consecutive finals – and that looks only to have continued with the World Cup draw in Russia.

The legendary right-back was on hand to draw balls alongside other heroes of the tournament including Diego Maradona, Carles Puyol and Fabio Cannavaro at the Kremlin-hosted event.

And no man did more than Cafu to get people pumped up for the draw – starting all the way from the beginning of his journey on November 27.

Look at that smile. Look at that thumb. Notice the “priority boarding” sign in the background and imagine the life of a World Cup winner.

The man was seemingly grinning all the way to Moscow – because here he is again, cornering the poor lad who’d been sent to pick up the former Brazil captain from the airport.

But if you thought that was happiness, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Another snap was to follow, this time showing Cafu’s delight to be surrounded by fellow legends of their international teams.

A few hours later and the Roma and Milan man was back on meet-and-greet duty, this time welcoming goalkeepers Sergio Goycochea and Rene Higuita – the one from that famous scorpion kick – to Moscow.

At the same event, Canadian legend Karina LeBlanc discovered that nobody was safe around Cafu when there’s a camera around.

When the day finally rolled around, the man’s energy refused to subside.

The pose did change though – look how he’s gone from “overeager fan meeting club legend” to, “Who? What camera? Where?”

But put anyone in the presence of Ronaldo, Pele and co, and all that goes out the window.

It’s been emotional.

If you’re here for some of the actual World Cup draw news, the tournament’s first fixture will be played between Russia and Saudi Arabia – while Cafu’s beloved team have been drawn in a group with Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

Will Russia see Brazil add to the five Jules Rimet trophies they already hold? Will England escape their group? Will Cafu’s snaps continue on his journey home? All things we can’t wait to find out.

Source: breakingnews.ie

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