Stuart Pearce’s Premier League grades: Man Utd not convincing, comprehensive Liverpool

Stuart Pearce’s Premier League grades: Man Utd not convincing, comprehensive Liverpool

Did your Premier League team live up to expectations this weekend?

We’ve asked Sky Sports Now pundit Stuart Pearce to give each side a grade, based purely on their weekend performance.

So, how did your team fare? Did they get a stunning A+, an awful F, or something in between? Read on to find out…

Leicester – A-

A good performance and a good result. It was a game they might be expected to win but they went out there and did the job convincingly in the first half then looked comfortable for the rest of the game. From their point of view, they look like they’re on the up again.

Leicester 2-0 Everton Stoke – A-

It was a great result for them, I didn’t see that coming. I thought the best they might get is a point with the way they have been playing. The results have been very average lately, but against Watford, it was a good one and I never saw it coming.

Manchester United – B+

It was a fantastic result against one of their rivals. I wouldn’t say it was massively convincing but you have to come out on top in these games, especially with Man City’s result – it kept the pressure on them.

Man Utd 1-0 Tottenham

I felt at the start of the season that Man Utd wouldn’t be able to handle the absence of one of their key players, as opposed to Man City. Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba, probably Eric Bailly and David De Gea as well, are probably the four I’d pick out so if any of them are missing at any given time, they are going to feel it.

Manchester City – B+

They were expected to win away at West Brom in a game that, in years gone by, might have been a tricky game but their performance was good and they scored three goals on the road. The score makes it look closer than it actually was but they matched the expectation to win.

Liverpool – B+

It was a comprehensive 3-0 victory, although it wasn’t as comfortable as they would have liked with the early goal, but they won and kept a clean sheet which is vitality important.

Liverpool 3-0 Huddersfield Chelsea – B+

It’s not really a surprise that they won away but to keep a clean sheet and get the three points in a day where Man Utd and Tottenham played each other – so someone had to drop points – it was a very important weekend for them.

Arsenal – B-

They were expected to win at home but they made hard work of it. They didn’t play as well or as fluently as they would like to have done but the most important thing is the three points and they closed the gap on the top four.

Arsenal 2-1 Swansea Tottenham – C+

They played well enough. The critical scenario for them was Harry Kane missing. I think he turns it in their favour if he’s playing in the game, but he wasn’t there on Saturday and I think it cost them the result. It is as straightforward as that with Tottenham. They are another team who can’t handle their key players missing and Kane is so key for them, it’s frightening.

The performance wasn’t bad though and Old Trafford is a tough place to go and try and get a result, but they will be disappointed in getting nothing.

Crystal Palace – C+

They got a point out of a game when it looked like they were not going to get anything out of and they did extremely well to turn that around the way they did, but the other side of that is that they will be expecting to beat West Ham at home if they are looking to get out of the bottom three at any given stage this season. A bittersweet one for them.

Crystal Palace 2-2 West Ham West Ham – C+

When you’re winning a game 2-0, you expect to see it out. They’ll be disappointed that they haven’t taken three points and sealed Crystal Palace’s fate in the bottom three, at least until Christmas, and pushed themselves to just under halfway in the league, that would have been ideal.

But to give a goal away in the 96th minute is a real sickener but a point on the road would be important for them as well. Another bittersweet result.

West Brom – C+

They battled back into the game and made it difficult, but Man City absolutely walked the game. There’s no doubt about that. They did manage to stay in the game, but as for the performance and the run of play, they were well beaten by the best side in the country at the moment.

West Brom 2-3 Man City Bournemouth – C+

They stayed in the game for long periods of time and they had an opportunity to get something out of the game. Maybe they weren’t expected to beat Chelsea at home but a point would have been fair. They will be disappointed that they’ve been beaten at home.

Brighton and Southampton – C+

Both teams, to me, looked like they were content with getting a point out of a game where they didn’t want to be beaten and it almost turned into a semi dead rubber if I’m honest.

Brighton 1-1 Southampton Huddersfield – C

I think they went to Anfield and gave a good account of themselves in a very difficult game. They were not really expected to win or get anything on the road at Liverpool and that’s exactly what happened.

Everton – C-

The King Power is not an easy place to go but was it Leicester being so good or Everton putting in a poor display? They’re having a tough time at the moment. They were beaten again and it was another occasion where they didn’t score in the game.

Watford – C-

Watford 0-1 Stoke

I really fancied Watford to win this game with the run of form they’ve been on. My expectations were that they would beat a Stoke side who have been struggling badly but they didn’t. They will be disappointed with that but they have had a great start to the season. It is a bad result at home, though.

Swansea – C-

They weren’t expected to win at the Emirates and they made it very difficult for Arsenal. When you come away with nothing, you’re frustrated. I think they are going to have a tough season but their bigger battles will end up being at home rather than on the road.


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