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Swansea vs Cardiff: The battle for supremacy in South Wales

Swansea vs Cardiff: The battle for supremacy in South Wales

Swansea and Cardiff meet for the first time in five years on Sunday, live on Sky Sports Football.

It is one of the fiercest rivalries in British football, as the two sides compete for supremacy in South Wales. Their last meeting came in the Premier League in 2014, but various promotions and relegations have kept them apart until this Sunday, when they face off at the Liberty Stadium.

Here, a fan from both clubs tells us what the rivalry means to them…

‘Football is the one area where we feel we can get one over them’

Swansea fan Steven Carroll

There are many big rivalries in the UK. But the fact that this is the only fixture in British football to see away fans banned for a period of time says a lot about how fierce the South Wales derby is.

The ban was lifted in 1997. This was around the time I started following Swansea. So thankfully I didn’t witness the ugly scenes of the 1980s and early 90s.

There is a feeling from Swansea people that there is a political and media bias towards Cardiff as a city – not just the football club. With Swansea always playing second fiddle to Cardiff, football is the one area where we feel we can get one over them. And over the last decade, it’s fair to say that we’ve had the upper hand.

Until last season when Cardiff were promoted to the Premier League and we were relegated to the Championship.

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A standout fixture for me was a League Cup clash in 2008. It was the first time the Bluebirds had visited us in a decade having been divisions above us for most of that period.

It was the first time the match was held at the Liberty Stadium. A rare derby evening kick-off under the floodlights. Jordi Gómez scored the only goal to give us victory to cap off a very special night.

As for Sunday’s game, I expect it to be a typical derby with a fast pace and a rousing atmosphere. Whoever settles down the quickest will win the match. I’m hoping Bersant Celina plays as a No 10 rather than out wide as he could make a huge difference.

We’ve struggled to pull a string of decent results together over the last few weeks but so have Cardiff.

My fear is if it becomes a battle, it’ll suit Cardiff more than us.

‘It’s been too long since we’ve last met and this Sunday means everything to me’

Cardiff fan Tomas Taylor

Although Cardiff and Swansea fans won’t agree on much, one thing we both definitely agree on is the South Wales Derby is a huge fixture. It’s more than just a game for us. It’s bragging rights for the label of ‘Best team in Wales’.

For me it always brings mixed emotions. Excitement. Yet nervousness. And knowing the result will decide my mood for weeks to come.

Up until the 1980s it was a relatively tame fixture. But events on and off the pitch in the late 80s and early 90s resulted in the fixture evolving into a fierce rivalry.

The fixture has provided Cardiff fans with fantastic memories over the years. Michael Chopra’s last-minute winner in 2010, Craig Bellamy’s late winner at the Liberty in 2011. And who can forget Steven Caulker’s header sending the Cardiff City Stadium berserk in the first South Wales Derby in the Premier League.

Some might say that it isn’t as big a fixture as other derbies but I couldn’t disagree more. This is a very real derby and if Cardiff don’t get a win, plenty of Swansea fans I know won’t let me forget it for a very long time.

It’s been too long since we’ve last met and this Sunday means everything to me. It was hard seeing Swansea in the top flight for so long and competing in the Europa League. So winning on Sunday would be huge for us.

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