Tim Sherwood: I’d rather play for Mauricio Pochettino or Pep Guardiola than for Jose Mourinho

Tim Sherwood: I’d rather play for Mauricio Pochettino or Pep Guardiola than for Jose Mourinho

Tim Sherwood says he would rather play for Mauricio Pochettino than Jose Mourinho

Tim Sherwood said on The Debate Live he would rather play under Mauricio Pochettino or Pep Guardiola than Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho.

Pochettino’s Spurs are level on points with United going into Saturday’s lunchtime clash, live on Sky Sports Premier League from 11.30am, having finished 17 points above them last season.

Sherwood, who played for and managed Tottenham, said on The Debate Live that if he was a chairman he would opt for Pochettino over Mourinho, and also insists would rather play under the Argentine.

Sherwood said: “It depends how much money you’ve got. The way I want the game to be played? If I was building a football club? I’d take Pochettino. I think he’s done a fantastic job at Tottenham.

“He looks to the youth, he’s happy to bring them through; he’s astute when acquiring what he wants. He doesn’t suffer anything other than the players he wants.

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“But on the other hand, if you want your team to win very quickly, you’d have to give it to the serial winner: Mourinho. But, that comes at a cost. He’ll spend your money very quickly, but wisely you’d have to say. But it would cost you a few quid.

“For me, I like something to be built. I’d go for Pochettino.”

Asked who he would rather play under, Sherwood said: “Would you rather play for Mourinho? We’ve been players. I’d rather play for Pochettino or Guardiola than Jose.

“To win a trophy, are you more guaranteed a trophy with Jose? Probably. But, if I was Lukaku for instance in that game against Liverpool, would I have enjoyed that football match? No.

“If they’d got a result, I would have enjoyed it a bit more. But they didn’t. He was isolated, had very little touches. I don’t think you’d ever see a Pochettino side playing like this.”

Charlie Nicholas, also speaking on The Debate Live, added that though Mourinho’s management style has its big strengths, the style of football he plays can polarise his key players.

“Mourinho did this at Real Madrid and [Cristiano] Ronaldo hated it. Barcelona used to pin them in, Ronaldo would throw his arms about as if to say: ‘This is not how I play football, I hate this stuff.’

“They probably argued all the time! But if you’re in the team, and he likes you, Mourinho is a brilliant man-manager.

“But he keeps it very close, whereas I think the more modern guys are far more open, Guardiola, maybe even Wenger and Conte, a far more open.”

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