Twitter Talk: Erik Lamela answers your questions including the Ronaldo-Messi debate

Twitter Talk: Erik Lamela answers your questions including the Ronaldo-Messi debate

#TwitterTalk is back! Erik Lamela sits down with Sky Sports to end the Ronaldo-Messi debate, his dream five-a-side team and much more…

Keep your eyes peeled on the @SkySportsNews Twitter account for your chance to ask a Premier League star your questions during the season.

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Ahead of Spurs’ game with Crystal Palace this Saturday, here’s what Lamela had to say about your most recent questions…

@Weston719 asks: “How much do you love Spurs?”

I love Spurs so much. It’s been a lot of years I’ve been here, and every season my love is more and more.

Even my family, they are really happy I’m here, and having been here a lot of time with my team-mates, the staff and my friends in London, the people at the stadium, we’ve had a lot of great moments and memories together that make me more happy.

@ColdEclip5e asks: “What’s been your favourite moment in a Tottenham shirt so far?

Last season, when we went to the final with the game against Ajax. It was a very important moment for the team, and it will be a memory I will always remember.

@OWaterfall asks: “What would your dream five-a-side be of players you’ve played with?”

Ok… Hugo Lloris in goal, because he’s my friend for a lot of years and I love him. Nicolas Burdisso in defence, Marquinhos in defence too.

I’m trying to say people who are not here to avoid any problems! Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero up front.

@Lukathfc asks: “What’s your favourite food?”

My favourite food is asado, it’s an Argentinian meat which you cook for many hours and is unbelievable! I have never tried fish and chips – I’d like to, but no-one told me where to go! I’m still waiting.

@kaakiretta asks: “Messi or Ronaldo?”

They are both unbelievable players. Everyone knows it, but I have to say Lionel for me is the best. Every time I see him playing, he’s unbelievable.

@Gazzanigatot asks: “Where did you get your nickname from?”

My nickname came from by brother. When he was young, he didn’t know how to say my name, he started saying ‘coco, coco’ and all my family called me it after that.

@Ray10i_ asks: “Who’s the best player you’ve played with?”

This is easy! Lionel Messi is the best I’ve played with for the national team, and against I’d say him too – we played Barcelona last season and he scored twice at Wembley, I still remember it.

@dopefresh asks: “Who’s the most powerful player in the Spurs squad?”

I would say Moussa Sissoko, because you can see it physically when he starts running, you can’t stop him!

@almightyChaosxxx asks: “Who’s the smartest player at Spurs?”

I’d say Eric Dier. I don’t know why, but when we travel I’ve seen him reading books when we travel on away trips.

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