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Valencia’s ‘fake fans’ statement risks upsetting mood, says Terry Gibson

Valencia’s ‘fake fans’ statement risks upsetting mood, says Terry Gibson


itemprop=”description”>Valencia’s owners have risked upsetting the club’s positive mood with their statement hitting out at “fake fans”, says Terry Gibson on the La Liga Weekly podcast.

>Having finished 12th for the past two years in La Liga, Valencia look to be back on track under Marcelino as they are second, four points behind Barcelona.

>Yet the club’s owners have decided during the international break to release a statement criticising supporters. It reads: “Since Meriton [Valencia’s mother company] took control of Valencia (VCF), a number of ‘fake fans’ from different sectors have tried to dominate the news about VCF and have sold false news and lies to our true followers.

>”These ‘fake fans’ are noisy and motivated by their own interests, not by VCF, and certainly not by the interests of the real fans, who make up the silent majority.

>”Through a series of editorials, we will explain to our true fans the truth about how Meriton saved this club from the almost irreparable damage caused by previous efforts and has led to its successful current situation.”

>Speaking on the La Liga Weekly podcast, Gibson questioned why the statement was released.

>”It just didn’t need to happen,” he said. “They should be basking in this glory of being second, just behind Barcelona after 11 games. But it’s only 11 games, it’s not time yet to gloat or boast.

>”There’s still a long way to go and something like this can only harm rather than help the current atmosphere at the club. The time to say it would be if they win the league or finish in the top four, that would be a huge achievement and massive progress from what has happened in recent seasons, and the supporters would be happy.

>”But the supporters don’t need telling, that’s what I didn’t get from this statement, they don’t need telling the club was in a mess and for another two seasons we [the new owners] probably made it worse, but now we have made some good decisions and it’s working out. Supporters can see it is going in the right direction compared to the previous mess.”

>Valencia have won eight of 11 games in La Liga this season and have scored the joint-most goals (30) along with Barcelona.

>And Gibson says the owners should be planning ahead rather than criticising fans.

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Get Sky Sports Get a Sky Sports pass >”They should be keeping an eye on the transfer window because I am not convinced there are enough players at Valencia,” he said.

>”They rely on quite a small squad, that was the planning going into the season, but if they have a chance of doing something special they might have to spend a bit to bring in one or two experienced players to complement the younger players and benefit the squad if they have a chance of finishing top four or challenging for the title. That’s what they should be doing.”

>> >He added: “They are doing so well that none of the supporters care who owns the club, and they are pleased with the new manager and the new signings, whether they are permanent or loans, and the youth players.

>”All they want to watch is good quality exciting football in their traditional style, which is what they are getting this season in abundance, they are not just winning games, they are scoring lots of goals.

>”They didn’t need to make this statement or say anything at all.”

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